Brown: ‘We’ve got a good thing going’

Duane BrownDuane Brown was pleasantly surprised by the supportive culture of the Seahawks when he arrived last November, and he said, “We’ve got a good thing going” — a reference to the club both on the field and off.

Speaking on former teammate Arian Foster’s podcast, Brown recounted the deterioration of his relationship with the Texans’ front office, the perceived racism of good ol’ boy owner Bob McNair over the years, Brown’s final-straw holdout and the trade the day after the Texans played in Seattle.

“It was too far gone, and the departure was needed,” Brown said. “It had nothing to do with me wanting to get out of Houston or leave my teammates. Not at all.

“I wanted to finish my career there, and I wanted security doing that,” Brown said. But he said the team had distanced itself from him after a bogus suspension (overturned) and his silent anthem protest (raised fist) in 2016 and the club declined to consider redoing his deal with two years left (sound familiar?).

“When you get to a point where I’m able to use my leverage, I have to use it,” he said. “At that point I was nine years in and had a pretty damn good nine-year career, so I have to use that. I could have (gone) to training camp, got injured and I didn’t have any guaranteed money on my contract, so I could have got cut right then and there and that would have been it.”

Instead, he held out for six games and was traded to Seattle the day after the Seahawks beat the Texans in a shootout in Seattle — and a few days after he ripped McNair for calling NFL players “inmates.”

Brown said he’s having fun again with the Seahawks and appreciates the positive culture — a major change from Warden McNair’s Texans.

“It’s a great organization, man,” he said of the team run by socially conscious Paul Allen and Pete Carroll. “They support everybody to the fullest. … It’s a lot of fun. There’s not so much fear throughout the building. And everybody’s treated like men.”

Brown should finally get that extension he wanted and finish out his career playing for a winner on the field and off.

“We’ve got a good thing going,” he said. “We’re going to have a big year next year.”


3 thoughts on “Brown: ‘We’ve got a good thing going’”

  1. It does feel good to have a professional left tackle. The sad parade between Brown and Russell Okung:

    George Fant
    Rees Odhiambo
    Bradley Sowell
    Matt Tobin

    Not to mention the Gary Gilliam fantasy that mercifully never was.


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