Carroll, Wilson exchanging messages?

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson plan to be clapping about their offense a lot this season (Getty Images)Pete Carroll has sent his message, accused by some of power tripping, and now some insiders think Russell Wilson is using his own power play to deliver a message to the Seahawks.

Bob Condotta and Brock Huard, who both know a little something about the inner workings of the Seahawks, are inferring that Wilson’s orchestrated trade to the Yankees is meant as a reminder that Seattle needs to do all the right things to keep Wilson beyond the expiration of his contract in two years.

Quite obviously, this is not a threat to leave the Seahawks to play baseball. But Condotta and Huard think it is perhaps agent Mark Rodgers’ subtle way of reminding the Hawks that Wilson controls his destiny and destination.

So what does he want from Seattle? Aside from $30 million a year, we can assume he needs to be comfortable with new OC Brian Schottenheimer and the new QB coach (reportedly receivers coach David Canales) and not feel as though he is wrongly being blamed for the offense’s shortcomings.

We see no problem with any of that — as long as Wilson understands his part in the offense’s failures and works to fix those issues (many of which are a result of the poor offensive line and staid scheme anyway).

If we were Wilson, we would be frustrated, too. This offense has deteriorated over the past two years, which is why Schottenheimer and Mike Solari are now in town (part of Carroll’s message). Wilson should be happy to see them, to know new voices will be guiding him and his teammates in a concerted effort to get the most out of an underachieving crew.

The Seahawks are really entering a two-year trial period, with Carroll and Wilson both needing to prove themselves all over again in their contract biennium. They can deliver all of the messages they want, but if they aren’t listening and working together, they won’t turn this thing around — and perhaps neither of them will be here in 2020.


One thought on “Carroll, Wilson exchanging messages?”

  1. Admittedly, I’m lenient when it comes to Russell. Still, his part of the offense’s decline is relatively minor. The issue with the OL has become foundational — it’s hard to evaluate anything else on the offense until that gets fixed.

    Even so, in 2017 the other skill positions ranged from dismal (RB) to problematic (TE) to thin (WR). Even Tom Brady would have struggled with that crew.


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