Looks like Hawks are letting Shead become a free agent

DeShawn SheadThe Seahawks apparently have decided to allow DeShawn Shead to become a free agent, which means either they are just being nice (quite possible) or they prefer to keep Byron Maxwell instead.

In November, we wrote about Shead’s unusual case, pointing out the CBA empowered Seattle to toll his $1.2 million contract to 2018. After the season (and two games played), though, Shead told reporters he would soon know his free agency status and the team could forgo the toll if it chose.

On Friday, he posted a message indicating he is indeed going to be a free agent. (H/T to Field Gulls for spotting this.)

“Having a good time working out this offseason! It’s a blessing to be able to hit this grind healthy,” wrote Shead, who spent almost all of 2017 coming back from ACL surgery. “It’s surreal that I’m a free agent, but I’m excited to see what the future holds and where I will end up!”

The Hawks are in pretty good position at corner, although they probably would like to re-sign either Shead or Maxwell (whoever is cheaper) to give them depth behind Richard Sherman (expected to be ready by July) and Shaquill Griffin.

The Hawks also have Neiko Thorpe (though he could be cut to save cap space) and DeAndre Elliott (coming back from injury). And they seem extremely likely to tender ace nickel corner Justin Coleman at the second-round level ($2.9 million). Jeremy Lane will be released.

After the season, Carroll said the Hawks would love to have Maxwell back.

“I thought that Byron Maxwell did a great job to finish up,” Carroll said. “I think it was exactly what we would’ve hoped would happen, that we could get him back in our system and we turn him back into the style that we play in and that he might recover the same kind of playing style. And I think he did. I thought Maxy got back to playing ball the way we had seen him in the past. … When he really was finally at his greatest comfort level and his confidence and all of that, it was pretty obvious and pretty evident. We would love to have him back.”

The Hawks probably will sign, at most, only one of Maxwell and Shead — and then hope the other gets a good deal elsewhere so he figures in the comp formula.


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