Schneider’s staying, but other staff changes could be coming

Draft -- Schneider and CarrollThere was lots of scuttlebutt — real and perhaps imagined — around the Seahawks’ football staff over the weekend.

John Schneider is staying, Gus Bradley might be returning and the Seahawks also might be looking for a new offensive coordinator and/or assistant head coach.

The Seahawks rebuffed the Packers’ request to interview Schneider, leading to speculation that the Packers might try to trade for him. But that was quickly quashed when the Pack stayed in-house to replace Ted Thompson.

Meanwhile, Kris Richard interviewed with Indianapolis on Friday, and Seattle might be bracing to lose him — or perhaps replace him. Seattle reportedly is interested in a reunion with Bradley, who helped Pete Carroll build the Legion of Boom before going to Jacksonville in 2013. He was horrendous as the Jaguars’ coach (14-48) and ended up in Los Angeles as the Chargers’ DC this season.

Richard has been Seattle’s DC since 2015, when Bradley successor Dan Quinn took over the Atlanta Falcons. In his first year, Richard kept up the elite standard set by Bradley and Quinn; but, the past two years, he has presided over an aging unit that has suffered a lot of injuries and faded in the rankings.

Assuming Richard is not hired by the Colts, it will be interesting to see whether Bradley is still on Seattle’s radar — perhaps to replace Richard. Bradley led the league’s third-ranked scoring defense in Los Angeles, and coach Anthony Lynn would like Bradley to return.

Another former Seattle assistant, Ken Norton Jr., is floating out there as well. He coached linebackers in Seattle from 2010 to 2014 — under Bradley and Quinn (Richard was a secondary coach). He left to become DC for Jack Del Rio in Oakland in 2015 and was fired last November.

It seems unlikely that Norton would return. Michael Barrow, the defensive assistant head coach, has coached Seattle’s linebackers since 2015, when Norton left.

On the offensive side, rumor has it both Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable are being evaluated. Per Davis Hsu’s source, the front office is more split on Cable, with some of the staff thinking Cable needs to quit trying to fit square pegs into the round holes of his blocking scheme — i.e., adapt to the linemen being produced by colleges and tweak the scheme to fit them. (That has been clear for the past three years.)

Bevell reportedly has more support from the front office, but it sounds like Carroll is considering adding an OC who can run a more complicated offense than what Bevell has put together. One name floated for OC was Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo, who helped turn Carson Wentz into an All-Pro QB in his second season. DeFilippo appears to be the favorite to coach the Bears, and Arizona reportedly is interested, too.

DeFilippo, 39, has been coaching since he left college and already has had other stints as QB coach with Oakland (2007-08 and 2012-14) and the Jets (2009). He made a poor choice to become Cleveland’s OC in 2015 under Mike Pettine; after one year in that NFL hell hole, he joined the Eagles. If he’s not hired to coach the Bears or Cardinals, he might still be an option for Seattle’s OC.

The Seahawks also apparently are interested in another NFC QB coach as a potential replacement for Bevell, although that coach was not revealed.

710 ESPN’s Gee Scott, who holds the confidence of a number of Seahawks, apparently thinks Cable and/or Bevell will be gone — with the line coach a more likely departure.

However it shakes out, it seems quite clear that Carroll is reviewing his entire 26-man staff — particularly the guys at the top who, to many observers, have exceeded their coaching expiration dates in Seattle.

“John and I, we put our brains together with the help of our staff and the people with us to take a very aggressive approach at this point,” Carroll said, “an aggressive approach in our evaluations of what took place and what we need to do and what’s at hand right now. … We see every next opportunity as a chance to compete, so we will do that in terms of personnel, in terms of our technical side of our game, the administrative part of our game, everything from how we rehab to how we play call.”

We’ll soon see what that means for his coaching staff.


One thought on “Schneider’s staying, but other staff changes could be coming”

  1. Yesterday’s epic in New Orleans and the Falcons’ dismantling of the Rams drove home two things about the Seahawk offense (1) It has nowhere near enough talent and (2) what talent is there is poorly coached, strategically and tactically.

    Atlanta looked prepared and confident — it was jarring to watch a team execute so efficiently against a defense that has stymied the ‘Hawks for years. Ironically, New Orleans showed how much a running game would mean here — with the Panthers all-in on stopping the Saints’ RBs, Brees operated with impunity at times.

    There’s simply no more case for Bevel and especially Cable. They have be good coaches, but they are not good coaches here, which is the point.


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