Perfect time to try to get Brown again

Logo -- HoustonDuane Brown probably would love a trade to the Seahawks at this point.

He probably would love to play for an owner who supports him off the field just as much as he does on the field — an owner who considers his players partners, not “inmates.”

The Houston Texans are not happy campers as they get ready to come to Seattle. Like a moron, Bob McNair has stoked the fires of discontent some more with his tone-deaf comments implying players should shut up and just play ball.

The Texans almost boycotted practice on Friday — star receiver DeAndre Hopkins did — and we can expect Texans and Seahawks players to band together in a show of solidarity before the game in Seattle on Sunday.

If John Schneider is smart, he will call Texans GM Rick Smith and try to get Brown one more time before the trade deadline Tuesday. Now is the time to strike.

Brown surely would love to leave McNair’s franchise — and might adjust his contract in a team-friendly way to do it. If Brown makes it clear he wants out, perhaps Smith will take what he can get for the left tackle.

We previously talked about ways the Hawks could add Brown. It’s time to try one more time.


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