CHAWK LINES -- Bennett incident

Michael Bennett posted a letter describing a frightening encounter with Las Vegas police.

TMZ released a video showing Bennett being handcuffed by the cop.

Las Vegas police held a press conference in which they said race played no factor in how they dealt with Bennett.

Video clearly shows the cop holding a gun on Bennett as he prepares to cuff him.

Las Vegas police union sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asking him to investigate Bennett. Maybe they didn’t see Goodell’s statement supporting Bennett.

The NFL said it has no reason to investigate Bennett.

Martellus Bennett will “just be happy to see my brother” when their teams meet in Green Bay on Sunday.

Richard Sherman said this is just “a day in the life” of a black man.

Pete Carroll said “we stand in support of” Bennett.

Russell Wilson said “there’s no excuse” for what happened to Bennett.

Why was Bennett singled out?


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  1. The police union statement was drenched in hostility and — if anything — proved MB’s point. The undersheriff was evasive and fell back on one weasel after another. MB was direct and emotionally honest.

    I know whose truthfulness I’d bet on.


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