Let’s move on from the YCK bug

Logo -- Free agencyCall it the YCK bug. This whole Colin Kaepernick drama is as much a non-issue as Y2K was.

Kaepernick was never going to challenge Russell Wilson for the Seahawks’ starting quarterback job — he’s simply not good enough — and Pete Carroll decided the controversial former 49er was not a fit for Seattle even as a backup.

Whether Carroll didn’t think he fit Seattle’s offense or whether the coach simply didn’t feel like adding more potential drama to a locker room already teeming with it, he made the right choice.

Some think Carroll is being a hypocrite for calling Kaepernick “a starter in this league” and then not adding him to bolster Seattle’s No. 2 spot. But Carroll clearly was being diplomatic and avoiding saying anything negative about Kaepernick, who surely could start for some bottom-feeder teams but who has shown to be a flawed running QB who cannot throw when he absolutely must (see the 2013 NFC title game vs. Seattle). At his best, Kaepernick is a slightly above-average NFL starter — certainly not on Wilson’s level.

Contrary to a report last week that said Kaepernick wanted too much money, the sides apparently never talked contract terms. Maybe the Hawks got the feeling Kaepernick would be too expensive for what they wanted to spend on a backup, and maybe other things made them turn to younger vet Austin Davis instead.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. If Seattle never had to start its backup QB last year, when Wilson was ravaged by injuries that would have sidelined most players at most positions, then Carroll has good reason to feel confident he will never need someone else at QB.

So why bother with a guy with lots of baggage — on and off the field?

Let’s move on from the YCK bug …


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