Sherman refocused, but Hawks still listening

Hawks vs Packers Sherman all aloneRichard Sherman is refocused, and there’s “like zero percent” chance he will be traded at this point, Pete Carroll says, but the Seahawks will continue to listen.

And, once they lower the price next year, he probably will be traded.

“There (are) always opportunities to trade,” Carroll told 710 ESPN. “We would say that everybody’s untouchable, but we always have to listen to the opportunities … to compete to make our team better.”

The Hawks reportedly have been holding out — justifiably — for a first-rounder and another pick, but no one was interested in paying that price heading into a draft rich with cornerbacks.

For now, the chance of Sherman being traded “is like zero percent, it seems like,” Carroll said. “Teams don’t want to give up stuff; they don’t want to trade at times like this, and it’s really hard to navigate through a trade with experienced players during draft time. It just doesn’t happen very often.”

That means the next chance probably will come next year, unless some team decides to invest some 2018 draft stock before the midseason trade deadline.

Teams know the price will drop as next offseason approaches. But it won’t ever go lower than a second-round pick — because the Hawks could get a third by just letting him leave in free agency in 2019. By next year, the Hawks might drop the price to a second-rounder and a mid-round pick — and some team might jump at it.

In the meantime, Carroll thinks his series of attitude-adjustment talks with Sherman have refocused the All-Pro corner.

“We spent really significant time working through the stuff that we wanted to talk about from last year,” the coach said. “He was open and willing to talk about it.

“He’s talked really clearly about his focus going forward. He wants to really recapture the intensity that he’s always brought and he feels like he can do that,” Carroll said. “Really he adjusted some two or three years ago, and I think it’s time for us to continue to dig into him and make sure that he’s really at the height of his game intensity-wise. That may worry you guys; it doesn’t worry me at all.

“There’s time to make good decisions and good choices in regards to supporting his teammates and team and all that, and he’s really on point. So I’m excited to see that element in our team this year coming back, and we need his experience and his play-making.”


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