A scouting report on Luke Joeckel

Logo -- Free agencyPete Carroll said Luke Joeckel is a left tackle who can play left guard, and the coach said he hopes Joeckel plays well enough to get a long-term deal from the Seahawks next offseason.

Davis Hsu looked at a few games from last season, before Joeckel suffered an ACL injury, and came up with a bit of a pro scouting report on the No. 2 pick in the 2013 draft:

Good twist recognition and generally did well. Can be bull-rushed a bit. Needs to stay on his technique.

Good athlete. (Jaguars) like to pull him in run game and in pass pro swaps. Good mover but not a wrecking ball when he finishes.

Balance is just OK and can lunge a bit, but he is far from a plodder or super over-reliant on upper body.

Backside cut blocks are not good and his second-level aiming is not great.

He needs to not let defenders in & under him.

Still though, I think I like him at left tackle more than George Fant.

Here are some of Hsu’s video tweets:

LEFT GUARD vs. San Diego and Green Bay

LEFT TACKLE vs. Baltimore


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