Throwback Sherman gives drama queens plenty to gossip about

atlanta-logo“U mad, bro?”

That was one question no one needed to ask Richard Sherman on Sunday, when he brought back his 2012-13 incarnation with a tantrum that had everything but Tom Brady and Erin Andrews.

Outside of using his fame to make money and social statements and rip the NFL, Sherman had been pretty quiet ever since getting paid in 2014 and then having a baby last year. But he gave us all a little Retro Richard on Sunday, conjuring memories of his attention-seeking days as he put himself in the middle of two controversies in Seattle’s nail-biting win over the feisty Falcons.

His big sideline explosion – a hair-on-fire reminder of his blowup to Andrews after the 2013 NFC title game – and the non-call on his pass interference against Julio Jones at the end will elicit all kinds of chatter this week.

But that’s all for drama queens and grumpy losers. They’ll get over it and “chill,” just like Sherman did.

Some people think Sherman’s Mount St. Helen’s magnitude eruption after a touchdown-allowing miscommunication could fracture the defense. Have these people never played an emotional team sport before? Have they not seen how tight this squad is?

Sure, the hypercompetitive Sherman was unhinged for a few minutes. But he and the Hawks put it together and finished off the game right. And the Seahawks, to a man, laughed off any thought that Sherman’s momentary meltdown about the defensive breakdown would erode defensive chemistry.

They’re probably also laughing at the people bitching about the refs’ missed PI call. The Seahawks know all about those; they received the fewest favors from officials of any NFL team over the past three years.

In 2014, the Hawks faced the largest negative officiating disparity (i.e., ratio of fouls called against them vs. those called against their opponents) since the 1950s. That included an obvious pass interference by Kansas City against Doug Baldwin in the end zone – a missed call that cost the Hawks an easy shot at winning that game from the 1.

On Sunday, even if the PI had been called against Sherman with 1:30 left, the Falcons wouldn’t have had the same obvious chance to win. They would have been set up around the 40-yard line, meaning they would have needed 5-10 more yards for Matt Bryant to have a decent shot at the go-ahead kick. Considering Matt Ryan had missed his last five passes, including one that was tipped for an interception, there was no guarantee the Falcons would have finished off the comeback.

Of course, that won’t stop Falcons fans from griping about it all week (or season). So we don’t need to ask them Sherman’s infamous 2012 question to Brady: “U mad, bro?”

They’ll all get over it, though, just like Sherman and the Seahawks have.


One thought on “Throwback Sherman gives drama queens plenty to gossip about”

  1. Good commentary. There probably wasn’t a single game played yesterday that there couldn’t be a clip of an uncalled penalty featured if so chosen………’s the nature of the game. But this one will get pushed for a day or two (outside of Atlanta where it will “live in infamy” ) by the chattering class as they pontificate about how the Falcons would have won “if only…,.”. Adversity can bring out the worst and the weaknesses (Newton anyone?) or the best and the strengths in a person or a team………….I’m betting the Hawks heal just fine.


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