This offense looks as bad as the 2011 crew

at-los-angeles-logoPete Carroll said last week that his team was ahead of where it was at this time last year. He’s probably rethinking that opinion after the Seahawks scored just three points in yet another loss to the Rams on Sunday.

While the defense is playing to the right standard, giving up just 19 points in the first two games, the offense has reverted to 2011 levels. That’s right: Russell Wilson and company are actually worse than they were early last season, scoring as poorly as the pre-Wilson 2011 unit, which was led by Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.

The Seahawks have scored 15 points in two games. The last time they had two-game stretches that bad was in 2011, when they scored 13 total in a split with the Steelers (24-0 loss) and Cardinals (13-10 win) and then 15 in losses to the Browns (6-3) and Bengals (34-12).

If the Seahawks are going to play this poorly with Wilson, they might as well let him rest his sprained ankle and have rookie Trevone Boykin play for a couple of games. Boykin — raw but mobile — wouldn’t do any worse than the three points the hobbled Wilson managed in Los Angeles.

Not to blame it all on Wilson’s ankle. The Seahawks had a lot of skill players leave the game — Tyler Lockett, Doug Baldwin, Thomas Rawls. Wilson said that affected their ability to go up tempo, which is usually when they are at their best.

And the biggest issue remains the pure inability of the Seahawks to block Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald and company.

Bradley Sowell, a journeyman backup starting at left tackle, had another horrible game, struggling to block Quinn or help out against Donald. You have to wonder whether he will play better when he doesn’t have to face elite defensive linemen. And if he doesn’t improve, you have to wonder what the coaches will do to take care of it.

Last year, they had to make a move at center. This year, it looks like it might be left tackle.

Once Germain Ifedi returns, they will have to consider their tackle options — perhaps moving J’Marcus Webb or Garry Gilliam or George Fant. Or they could get John Schneider involved. Maybe see what the Browns would want for Joe Thomas.

The Seahawks are off to a horrible start on offense, by any measure. They rushed for just 67 yards on 24 attempts against the Rams and have a mere 179 yards (3.2 average) through two games. Wilson was sacked twice and hit nine times; he has been sacked five and hit 18 in two games. The Hawks were 4 of 13 on third down in L.A. and are 9 for 29 (31 percent) in their two games.

In the bad-luck department, they were oddly called for three offensive pass interference penalties, along with a holding and false start (Sowell could have been called for early movement almost every play).

Basically, pretty much nothing has gone their way in the first two games, and they are lucky their defense has played well enough to keep the offense in the games.

With the hard-hitting 49ers and Jets coming up next, the offense has got to figure it out and at least get to 2-2 by the Week 5 bye, when they can regroup, get healthier and figure out where their offensive line stands.


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