Have Hawks & Chancellor resolved differences?

Chancellor, Carroll and SchneiderAs it turns out, Kam Chancellor’s out-of-the-blue post the other day about staying in Seattle might not have been so out of the blue.

A report out of Chicago indicates the Bears and Seahawks were discussing a swap of Chancellor and tight end Martellus Bennett (brother of Seattle’s Michael) until Chancellor and the Seahawks reached some kind of agreement.

The report comes from a blogger who doesn’t usually break news, so it must be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by recognized news sources.

However, it could well explain the timing of Chancellor’s comments Wednesday in which he said, “I’m not going anywhere. Seattle is my second home. I don’t plan on going anywhere unless some higher power places me elsewhere. #Loyalty #12s #LOB”

That post was made not long after the Bears traded Bennett to New England on Wednesday, so the timing indicates the two could indeed be linked.

The alleged source for the Chicago report said the Seahawks declined the trade after they and Chancellor “hammered things out.” The question then would be: What kind of agreement did they come to? Did the Seahawks move some money from 2017 to 2016? Or did Chancellor simply agree to quit bugging the team about his pay this year?

As for the idea that the Seahawks were willing to add Bennett, it would make sense due to Jimmy Graham’s knee injury and uncertain return date. Bennett is due a little over $5 million this year, and that would have replaced Chancellor’s $5.1 million salary. That deal might also have given Michael Bennett incentive not to hold out over his own contract dissatisfaction.

The argument against such a deal making sense: Martellus Bennett wants more money, too, and the Seahawks probably would have had to make a choice between him and Graham next year. Would they want to trade Chancellor for a possible one-year rental?

If this report is true, we certainly will hear more about it soon. If it isn’t, we’re still going to hear more about Chancellor’s situation as the offseason progresses.

2 thoughts on “Have Hawks & Chancellor resolved differences?”

  1. So much drama around the Hawks these days. Can’t wait til the players realize playing for a winner comes with more sacrifice momitarily wise then getting paid fat from a flop ass organization that pays way over market prices to just get talent in the door. Jackson for the Jaguars and Vernon for the the Giants are prime examples. Gus Bradley is on the hot seat so the organization dumped a ton of money into free agency as a last ditch effort for Bradley to try and save the jobs of himself and his staff. Then there is mcadoo in New York who believes the offense is good to go and the defense was awful and the first moves by a first year coach might as well be his two weeks notice. Getting the talent there is fine but the reason these teams stink is because the coaches can’t get guys to give it everything they have because they are making ridiculous amounts of money to just be there. That’s why a lot of these teams stay in the bottom rung of league year after year. In the meantime Michael Bennett sees this and thinks he should command at least what those over hyped over paid jokers are making. Bennett is underpaid, so was Dangeruss, Sherman, ET3, and Wagner. It’s called VALUE and the good teams know how to squeeze every ounce of it from every position and that’s why they win(shit, they just released their long snapper because they believe they can pay a guy half as much as Gresham and get the same results). The crap teams overpay for it and then they end up with no effort because they paid the players way too much and baloon their ego’s. Football is more then personnel, X’s and O’s, and huge contracts. That’s why there are good teams and bad teams. The good teams find value anywhere they can and the bad teams overpay for value and by overpaying for value, said value becomes a liability. The Hawks hit a speed bump last year because the team was not as deep as it has been the past 3-4 years and the in house competition (ESPECIALLY on the online and DB rooms) was not up to par to produce a deep playoff run. Carroll knows this and I expect a fire to be lit under the team this year. Notice how there wasn’t a big push for Okung and sweezy as I believe the Hawks were ready to move on from those players as they were both part of the worst oline number 3 has ever had blocking for him. Okung is going to be playing right tackle in Denver next year because he is an average LT at best and sweezy is going to have reality set in big time as the Bucs are expecting him to man the left side(which he never played) and replace a pro bowl caliber guard named Logan mankins. Byron maxwell faced the same kind of scenario last year in philly and was traded because of just plan stupid personnel decisions by paying a number 2 CB number 1 CB money in a division that has 3 of the most electrifying wide outs the league has to offer. The Hawks have a plan and it’s going to involve a young oline and a DB room that’s fully healthy with younger players having another year in the Seahawks system to get acclimated. Rawls is the rushing champ of the whole league next year with the Hawks reclaiming the number one defense again with emergence of frank Clark and a deep and experienced secondary. Win forever, GO HAWKS!! End rant


  2. Wow, what a long and worthless rant….

    It’s like listening to a 3 year old describe the world. Forget that if JAX doesn’t spend money they have to give it away anyways, they are just wasting money to save their coach. You’re overly simplistic view of both Jacksonville and NY are laughable at best.


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