Sorry, Pete, your team will not win the West

Wilson safety vs. CardsPete Carroll thinks the Seahawks can still win the NFC West. What else would you expect from Positive Pete?

Yeah, the Cardinals have a few tough games left — Cincinnati, at St. Louis, Minnesota, Green Bay and Seattle – but they would have to lose at least three of those and the Seahawks would have to win out to win the division.

How can Carroll possibly think the Seahawks are going to win out when they have tough games themselves against Pittsburgh, Minnesota, St. Louis and Arizona the rest of the way?

Carroll said, “To call it now is the biggest mistake you could ever make.” Well, we’re calling the division now. We’ll see who made the mistake in seven weeks.

Of course Carroll has to say that to keep his team focused, but there is no way the Hawks are going to win the division – not when they are so average. Hell, they have the same record as the Redskins, Bears, Bucs, Rams and Eagles. That’s pathetic.

The Seahawks will have their hands full just trying to make the playoffs. Football Outsiders gives them a 42 percent chance – which seems about right.

The Seahawks haven’t lost five games since 2012, when they were 11-5. And the 4-5 record is the Seahawks’ worst mark through nine since they were 3-6 in a 2011 season that finished 7-9. It’s entirely possible they will be that bad this year, too.

“I think it’s just a little bit different (than the last three years), and the difference is we don’t have full control of everything at this point,” Carroll said. “We’ll see if we can work our way back in that.”

Seattle and those other 4-5 teams sit two games behind Green Bay and Atlanta in the wild-card race; but, the Hawks have lost to the Packers, so they really need to catch the Falcons. Beating the Vikings could help as well, if the Packers reclaim the NFC North.

At this point, Seattle probably could claim a wild-card spot by winning out – assuming the Falcons lost twice or the Packers lost three times or the Vikings lost twice on top of their defeat to Seattle.

But, even if the Seahawks get expected wins against the 49ers, Ravens and Browns, there is no way – as they are playing – they will sweep the Steelers, Vikings, Rams and Cardinals. And, for each loss they tally henceforth, they will need about six other teams to lose an extra game as well.

Carroll clearly is at a loss to find the winning formula. He simply says, “We’re not quite right.”

“We have plenty of good play in us, and we have to find the consistency that allows us to get the game done,” he said. “When we have, we’ve gotten nice wins; and, when we don’t, we have to suffer like (the loss to Arizona).

“I don’t see all the mystery to it; it’s just we’re not quite right. So we’re going to keep working really hard to keep focusing on all the stuff that we can improve and make the adjustments that we need to make and move on.”

So, what adjustments do they need to make to have any chance? How about adjusting the entire offense?

Russell Wilson, the offensive line and the tight ends ruined any chance of beating Arizona. Wilson handed the Cardinals a safety, and the offense earned just two touchdowns (the defense set up the third).

The Seahawks are playing the worst football they have played since Wilson became QB in 2012, and there is no sign they will get any better.

They have gotten to the Super Bowl with poor offense the past two years, thanks to a dominating defense. But this offense is ridiculously bad at scoring – ranking 20th after being a top-10 unit the past three seasons.

If offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is smart, he will take some lessons from Arizona coach Bruce Arians on how to call a game. It’s called deception, Darrell.

As we have said many times, the Seahawks also need to use misdirection often; move Wilson around; mix their play calls; go up-tempo more often; and send Jimmy Graham up the field more (it also would help if he caught balls thrown his way).

If the offense does not start doing those things, it will not improve. And if it does not get drastically better, the Seahawks will be sitting out the playoffs.

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