CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks at Packers

Controversy king Mike Freeman is at it again, claiming Jimmy Graham is ready to “explode” if he doesn’t get the ball. Freeman is the same dude who put out the inflammatory report last year claiming there was a schism in the locker room over Russell Wilson, who wasn’t black enough for some teammates. Pay no mind to his anti-Seahawk ramblings.

On a more constructive note, Bob Condotta reviewed every pass play that might have been able to go to Graham and determined what we all knew: He could have been more involved.

Field Gulls gave a much longer breakdown (with screenshots) of Graham’s Green Bay game.

At 0-2, the Seahawks look a lot like last year’s Super Bowl team.

Field Gulls also looks at the QB situations of three upcoming opponents — the Bears (this week), the Lions (two Mondays from now) and the Cowboys (Week 8).

Danny O’Neil says the Seahawks were going to cut Max Unger, so he really wasn’t even part of that trade for Graham, which also included Seattle giving up a first-rounder and getting a fourth.

Field Gulls points out why Russell Wilson needs to start running more — something we have said every season.

We laughed at Aaron Rodgers’ passive-aggressive dig at Wilson — because Rodgers can dish it but not take it. He’s got a little Boomer Esiason in him.

Meanwhile, Wilson rose above the fray Tuesday.

Marshawn Lynch apparently was unhappy to be hounded by autograph seekers in Green Bay.

The Wall Street Journal revisits Lynch’s trip to Turkey with Football Without Borders. We had his interview from that trip back in late February.

With safety Steven Terrell injured, the Seahawks made a practice squad move.

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