Report: Allen ends negotiations with Chancellor

Paul allen trophyIt looks like the Seahawks are finished trying to appease Kam Chancellor.

Seahawks owner Paul Allen has told John Schneider and his staff to cease negotiations with the holdout safety, ESPN’s Ed Werder reported on Friday. (H/T to 247Sports via Davis Hsu and Evan Hill on Twitter)

Chancellor told NFL Network’s Dan Hellie on Wednesday that the sides were $900,000 apart and that the Seahawks had offered to move about $3 million from his $6.8 million salary in 2017 to add to his $5.1 million salary in 2016. Chancellor told Hellie the Hawks were being “petty” and the situation should be resolved by now.

Per the ESPN radio segment, Schneider also had called a few other teams to see how they would deal with the situation — Schneider apparently being cognizant of how the Seahawks’ solution might affect the rest of the league.

On Friday, Pete Carroll told KIRO Radio, “The situation has stayed the same. There has been a lot of work done and a lot of conversations and stuff, but it just has not happened to get him here. … We love the guy, wish he’d be here, but he’s got a mindset that’s keeping him out.

“We always want him to come back, but we’re still focusing on what’s real — that’s getting our guys ready to play. Dion Bailey’s going to start and we’re going to have our rotations to take care of that position. We have to keep moving, so that’s what we’re doing. Unfortunately there is no change.”

Meanwhile, Chancellor continues to alienate the team and fans. Chancellor has been blocking any Twitter followers who voice anti-holdout opinions, which led one guy to hilariously create a @BlockedbyKam handle.

Players have not been very vocal in support of him, most saying they wish he were with the team while adding obligatory teammate support.

Marshawn Lynch took it a step further Thursday, showing his support by wearing Chancellor’s No. 31 jersey. The Seahawks shared images of Lynch on social media and Carroll said Friday, “I had no problem with it, (but) we don’t need to keep doing it.”

Some think Chancellor will report after the opener in St. Louis, while others are much more pessimistic amid reports that he is willing to sit out much or all of the season.

But Allen apparently has grown tired of trying to placate him, and the Hawks apparently are not going to offer him any more carrots.

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