Schneider: ‘We’re talking to clubs’ about trades

John Schneider (via Fresh Files)John Schneider already has made two trades this preseason, acquiring Mohammed Seisay and sending out Kevin Norwood.

Those were the 11th and 12th trades he has made in the preseason since he arrived in 2010 — and he is looking at possibly making more in the next week.

Before the Seahawks beat Oakland in the final preseason game Thursday, Schneider told Steve Raible the Hawks are talking to other teams about potential deals.

“We have five or six guys we’re concentrating on tonight,” he said, “and comparing those guys to other players that are out there that we’re talking to other teams about.”

Seattle’s pro scouting department has been busy tracking every other team in the NFL to be prepared for possible moves this weekend.

“We try to map it out — who’s on the bubble and who’s not? — and study those players,” Schneider said. “There (are) always upsets along the way. We’re talking to clubs about tradeable players, and then all of a sudden there are guys that are waived.”

The Hawks are not likely to make any big trades — just the same kind of back-end deals they have made in the past. That means sixth- and seventh-round picks and players for players.

If Schneider goes player for player, he could look to trade one of Seattle’s extra defensive backs or Christine Michael for O-line help.

He also could be looking for tailback help — unless the Hawks like Thomas Rawls. The Broncos reportedly are shopping Monte Ball.

Whatever Schneider is looking for, you can bet he will make some kind of deal before the season begins.

Schneider's preseason trades


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