Chancellor’s agent is bluffing — isn’t he?

Kam and BennettEarlier this year, Michael Bennett’s agent tried to bluff the Seahawks into giving Bennett a new deal. Now Kam Chancellor’s agent is doing the same thing. We think.

In April, agent Drew Rosenhaus seemingly spread rumors that Bennett wanted to be traded to Atlanta, where former Seattle DC Dan Quinn is now coach. But the Hawks were unfazed. Even as Bennett told everyone who would listen that he is not happy with the deal he signed last year, the Hawks did not budge from their budget. In fact, he has said they haven’t told him they would do anything with the contract that still has three years and $18.5 million left on it.

Now, Alvin Keels, Chancellor’s agent, is saying Chancellor will remain out until the Hawks redo the deal he signed in 2013, which still has three years left.

“He will not report without his contract being addressed this season,” Keels told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “The team and I have been in contact, but we haven’t been able to agree on any compromise.”

John Schneider made it clear earlier this month that he is not interested in redoing freshly minted deals.

“At the end of the day, you have to stick to your plan and your principle,” he told SiriusXM NFL radio on Aug. 5. “It’s about the team. It’s the ultimate team sport. In order for us to be a consistent championship-caliber team that we’ve been preaching ever since we got here, we have to continue to conduct business the way we always have.”

Pete Carroll has called Chancellor “strong-minded.”

On Monday, Carroll said, “Our conversations continue. Nothing has changed but we’re in communication regularly. Knowing Kam and knowing how strong-minded he is, I think he’s made that statement. He’s really got a thought here that he is holding onto. We’ll see how it goes.”

Plenty of contract analysts have pointed out that Chancellor’s $7 million a year is at the top of the market for strong safeties, but he clearly thinks he should be paid more on par with free safeties Earl Thomas ($10 million), Devin McCourty ($9.5 million), Jairus Byrd ($9 million), Dashon Goldson ($8.25 million) and Eric Weddle ($8 million).

He has a point, considering how well he has played for Seattle the past two years, but he’s out of line to demand a new deal just two years after signing, with three years left.

So, what happens if Chancellor stays out into the season?

If he’s still out into late October and it appears he is intent on sitting out the whole way, the Hawks would have to assume he no longer wants to play for them and decide whether to try to trade him before the Nov. 3 deadline. Otherwise, they could wait until the offseason to deal him. Either way, if he takes it that far, there’s almost no way the Hawks will want him back.

It’s clearly not what anyone wants — and it probably won’t come close to that. The Hawks will call his bluff, do nothing, and he will give up and return — if only to burn a year on the contract he hates so much.


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