No problem: Hawks just want five best linemen

Okung and CableThe Seahawks apparently were as alarmed by the poor O-line play as many fans were Friday, so they decided to make another big move Monday: Right tackle Justin Britt is switching to left guard and Garry Gilliam is working at right tackle.

Tom Cable said it comes down to getting the best five on the field, and the Hawks — after trying four other players at left guard — apparently think they might be better with Britt at LG and Gilliam at RT. Alvin Bailey looked bad Friday against Denver, and it’s easy to see why Cable has been searching for another player to play left guard. Apparently, Keavon Milton and Mark Glowinski have not impressed enough.

“We’re just trying to get the best guys out there. We’re still mixing and matching,” said Cable, who added he would like to have it figured out by next week.

Britt told The Seattle Times he feels like he is versatile enough to make the switch to LG, if that is where the coaches decide to put him.

Rob Staton thinks moving Britt is an admission that he will not work well at right tackle. But it really seems more like the Hawks think LG Britt/RT Gilliam might be a better set than any other LG/RT combo they could summon right now.

Asked if he is concerned about the offensive line, Pete Carroll said, “No, really I think it’s a process we have to go through. It’s not like it’s a surprise. We knew that some young guys were going to play, so we’re competing to figure it out.”

Carroll said the general inexperience of the unit is the problem.

“To expect those guys to function at a high level is a lot right now because there’s nobody that’s been there, there’s nobody that can really communicate to them,” he said. “So they’re all kind of looking at one another trying to figure out their calls and all that. That’s going to make them hesitant a little bit and it’s going to look a little bit behind, I think, until we can get them comfortable. That’s why this week is so important for them, and this game is so important for them, so they can settle down and play like they’re capable.”

Moving Britt to left guard doesn’t change our opinion that the unit almost surely will be better by the end of the season than it has been at any point under Carroll. The Super Bowl is not won in August. And one game is really zero reason to panic.

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