Schneider loves trading with Mayhew’s Lions

John Schneider (via Fresh Files)John Schneider loves trading with the Detroit Lions.

His deal Sunday to acquire cornerback Mohammed Seisay for a 2016 sixth-round pick was his seventh trade with Lions general manager Martin Mayhew since Schneider became Seattle’s GM in 2010.

It was his 35th trade overall and his third this year — although it pales in comparison to the deals for Jimmy Graham and Tyler Lockett.

As Field Gulls relays, Seisay is Seattle’s kind of corner (6 feet 1 with 33.5-inch arms).

This is the second straight year the Hawks have traded a sixth-round pick for cornerback help; they brought in Marcus Burley just before last season as injuries sidelined Jeremy Lane and Tharold Simon. Burley filled in during the first half of the season but saw less playing time later in the year, and the Hawks chose Simon over Burley in the postseason — they paid for it, too, as Simon was burned for four touchdowns by Carolina and New England.

Lane and Simon are out again, and the Hawks apparently think they need the depth and/or competition for Burley and fifth-round pick Tye Smith behind starters Richard Sherman and Cary Williams and veteran No. 3 corner Will Blackmon.

“We’re always pushing; we’re always looking to keep the competition going,” Pete Carroll said. “We’re light at numbers in the DB area, and we have some young guys that are doing some cool things at the safety spots that we want to see, and we don’t want to have to mix those guys at corner, so there’s some reasons that it makes sense. This is a guy that we see something special in. John found him, and he’s long, he’s fast, and he’s very athletic. He’s young at the spot, so he’ll be a guy that we’ll try to build and we’ll see where he fits in. He just entered into the competition.”

Schneider surely hopes this deal with the Lions is less like the ones that netted John Moffitt, Kris Durham, Pep Levingston, Jesse Williams and Kiero Small and more like the ones that brought Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Paul Richardson, Kevin Norwood and Tyler Polumbus.

Here are Schneider’s other deals with the Lions:

May 9, 2014: Traded down from the 40th overall pick to 45 with Detroit, sending the Lions a fifth-rounder (146) and acquiring a fourth (111) and seventh (227).
Comment: The Hawks dropped down twice and still got the guy they wanted, Richardson. Out of this deal, they ended up with FB Kiero Small (227) and they moved down again from 111 to add yet another pick (WR Kevin Norwood). Good moves by Schneider to add another pick, even if Small did not make the team. This move will be judged by how the two receivers fare over the next couple of seasons.

April 27, 2013: Traded No. 165 and 199 to Detroit for No. 137 (Jesse Williams)
Comment: Schneider pulled his usual trick in the second round and moved down before drafting RB Christine Michael. Then the GM used the two other picks to move up in the fifth round and draft DT Jesse Williams. Because neither Michael nor Williams has contributed, these deals have no result yet. But it’s not looking good so far.

April 28, 2011: Traded the No. 57 pick along with fifth- (No. 157) and seventh-round picks (209) to the Lions for third- (No. 75), fourth- (No. 107), fifth- (No. 154) and seventh-round picks (No. 205).
Comment: Schneider basically turned Seattle’s second-round pick into a third and fourth (the moves in the fifth and seventh were negligible). The Hawks ended up with OG John Moffitt (75), WR Kris Durham (107), CB Richard Sherman (154) and DE Pep Levingston (205). Yes, Sherman was easily the best player to come out of the deal, but the Hawks surely could have had him with their original fifth-rounder, so he is not really a product of this move. Moffitt and Durham were flops. If the Hawks had stood pat in the second, they could have had WR Torrey Smith or WR Randall Cobb. The value of this trade was good, but Schneider took the wrong players.

April 5, 2010: Traded OG Rob Sims and a seventh-rounder to Detroit for DE Robert Henderson and a fifth-rounder (S Kam Chancellor).
Comment: In 2010, this looked like a possible tie as the Hawks really struggled with their O-line (not much has changed, eh?), but Chancellor quickly tipped this deal in Seattle’s favor with his rapid progress in 2011. Over the second half of 2013, he was as dominant as any defender in the league. And he turned it up again in the 2014 playoffs, especially against Carolina. Sims started every game with the Lions over the past five years and was very solid for them, so it’s not like the Lions got their butts kicked in this deal. But Seattle got a Pro Bowl safety out of it.

Aug. 8, 2010: Traded DE Lawrence Jackson to Detroit for a 2011 sixth-rounder (CB Byron Maxwell).
Comment: You can argue that Jackson was a bad first-round pick by Tim Ruskell — he should have been a second-rounder. But this was just cutting losses. Jackson became a good rotation guy on Detroit’s line (13 sacks in three seasons) but was out of the league by 2013. Meanwhile, after two injury-plagued seasons, Maxwell ascended to Seattle’s starting lineup last season and earned an oversized contract from Philadelphia.

Aug. 31, 2010: Traded a 2012 seventh-rounder to Detroit for OT Tyler Polumbus.
Comment: Polumbus started seven games for Seattle in 2010 and played in 20 before the Hawks let him go in 2011. He started 42 games for Washington since late 2011 and is now in Atlanta. He was a nice emergency pickup by Schneider.


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