Irvin now says he wants to stay in Seattle

Bruce Irvin has not been present at Seattle’s OTAs, but he says he would like to stay in Seattle after next season and he has been working hard and plans to have his best season yet.

“I have one year left. I would love to be in Seattle,” he told NFL Media on Saturday. “That was the team that gave me a chance when nobody else did. A lot of people told me I wasn’t a first-round pick, but Pete (Carroll) and John Schneider took a chance on me; so, like I said, I would love to be there.”

That comment runs counter to his statement last month that he would be in Atlanta next season. Pete Carroll tried to quash that story, but it seemed pretty obvious that Irvin meant he would like to play in his hometown.

Those comments came after the Seahawks declined to pick up his $7.75 million option for 2016, which miffed Irvin. Just before the draft, rumors arose that the Hawks were talking to the Falcons about a possible trade involving Irvin. But the team shot down any thought of a trade, and John Schneider said he apologized to Irvin about the trade report (which indicates there certainly was some truth to it).

It is pretty clear Carroll and Schneider are doing their best to get Irvin’s best in 2015. And Irvin seems ready to comply, even if he has chosen to work out in Atlanta rather than with his teammates in Seattle.

“I’ve been working my butt off,” he told NFL Media. “I’m going to go out here and have the biggest year of my career next year.”

In the end, the Hawks seem very unlikely to re-sign Irvin, who likely will get a good deal elsewhere and bring Seattle a comp pick in return in 2017.


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