It’s Packers-Hawks, so of course Golden Tate offers more controversy

Golden Tate and the Fail MaryGolden Tate apparently just can’t help but create controversy every time the Seahawks play the Green Bay Packers.

Two seasons ago, it was the Fail Mary touchdown on “Monday Night Football.” Now, as the Hawks prepare to face the Packers in the NFC title game with a chance to return to the Super Bowl without him, Tate has written what amounts to an open letter to Seahawks fans explaining how unhappy he is with the way he was treated when he left Seattle for Detroit.

He obviously is a sensitive person who cares a bit too much about the opinions of fools he doesn’t even know. Advice to Tate and everyone else (Marshawn Lynch will agree with me on this): No need to give a crap what someone you don’t know thinks of you. Save that for people you respect.

Tate used his essay to get off his chest all of the stuff that bothered him about the way his time in Seattle ended and the things people said about him. He emphatically denied the crazy rumor that he had an affair with Russell Wilson’s now ex-wife. He denied that Percy Harvin punched him, as was widely reported earlier this season around the time the Hawks traded Harvin to the Jets. And he defended his decision to take more money to go to Detroit.

Plenty of Seahawks fans were annoyed at the team for the Harvin debacle — upset that Seattle seemingly screwed itself out of keeping Tate because of the huge contract it gave Harvin, whom it then traded.

But the simple fact is: Even with Harvin, the Hawks could have kept Tate if they wanted to. They just didn’t want to. John Schneider and Pete Carroll essentially made that decision when they chose to trade for Harvin in 2013.

Tate signed a deal worth $6.2 million a year with Detroit and probably would have returned to Seattle for $5 million a year, but Tate said the Hawks offered him 40 percent less than Detroit did (who knows if he meant guaranteed money or overall value?) and it would have taken him two years in Seattle to make what Detroit paid him in 2014 ($9.5 million).

(FYI: Doug Baldwin re-signed with Seattle for $4.3 million per year, with $6.2 million paid in the first year and $9 million in the first two.)

Tate obviously wanted to stay in Seattle and was bitter that the Hawks didn’t value him as highly as Detroit did.

He expressed his unhappiness with Seattle at the time, and now — as the Hawks are on the verge of making the Super Bowl without him — he for some reason decided to vent to Seahawks fans about the way he has been treated ever since he left.

Just a little more controversy from Tate the week the Seahawks face the Packers.

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