CHAWK LINES -- Packers at Seahawks

First, some game matchups to watch, via

Jerry Brewer expresses what probably every Seahawks fan feels: The team needs to find a way to keep Marshawn Lynch beyond this season.

Lynch’s new gold-plated shoes are pretty boss … Boss.

How much did the Seahawks want to keep B.J. Daniels around? They bumped his pay by five times to equal an active-roster salary.

With Bam Bam Kam Chancellor getting so much love all week, Greg Bishop of put together an in-depth look at the Seahawks’ Super Serious Safety, Earl Thomas.

Sound FX got some great sound from the Carolina-Seattle game off the microphones of linebackers Bobby Wagner and Luke Kuechly.

Demarcus Dobbs’ team is in the NFC title game for the fourth straight year. He should get his first Super Bowl win this time.

Russell Wilson and J.R. Sweezy’s salaries will jump in 2015 due to the “Proven Performance Escalator.” Of course, Wilson is going to get a huge contract extension, making the escalator moot. But Sweezy’s $660,000 salary will more than double, into the $1.5 million range.

Who says all big linemen are blockheads? The Packers’ guys are addicted to the strategy game “Settlers of Catan” (wait until they try “Puerto Rico”).