A look at Wilson’s tough season at home

Russell Wilson runs against Carolina on Sunday (Getty)There’s about a 60 percent chance Russell Wilson will throw an interception Saturday against the Carolina Panthers.

Why? It’s just how his clunky season has gone at the Clink.

When it comes to passing, Wilson has been as bad at home this season as he was on the road as a rookie — believe it or not.

Some of it has been him, some of it has been the game plan and plenty of it has been offensive line problems.

Wilson home and away

When you split his home and away stats over his three seasons, his 2014 home numbers for completion percentage (61), touchdowns (6) and passer rating (80.8) are the worst.

Even as a rookie on the road in 2012, he completed 63.1 percent, threw nine TD passes and had an 83.1 rating.

His home numbers this season are way off the last two seasons, when he completed more than 64 percent of his passes, threw 31 TD passes and had just seven interceptions.

Wilson nearly matched that pick total in 2014 with six — five more than he threw on the road, where he also had 14 TD passes and posted a career-high 64.9 completion percentage and a 107.6 rating that is second only to his 2012 home rating (123.6).

Wilson's worst home gamesHis poor home numbers stem from four bad games: a 30-23 loss to Dallas, a 30-24 win over Oakland, a 38-17 win over the Giants and a 17-7 win over San Francisco.

Against Dallas, he completed just 50 percent of his passes (14 of 28) for 126 yards, with no TDs and an interception at the end of the game.

The Hawks held the ball for just 22 minutes and thus got away from running the ball (Marshawn Lynch carried just 10 times), and Wilson took the blame for being inaccurate. It didn’t help that Wilson was stuck throwing to Bryan Walters in the fourth quarter because Percy Harvin refused to go back into the game — Harvin was traded before the next game.

In the win vs. the Raiders, Wilson was 17 of 35 for 179 yards, with no TDs and no interceptions. But he was running for his life all game behind a line that in the second half featured two rookies, a second-year utility backup and a fourth-string center. Tom Cable called it the most challenging game he has coached. Half of Wilson’s incompletions were throwaways.

In the win over the Giants, Wilson completed 10 of 17 passes — but two of the incompletions went to the Giants on bad throws by Wilson. Passing was not a big part of the plan that game as the Hawks ran 45 times for a franchise-record 350 yards.

In the win over the 49ers, Wilson was under constant pressure, hit 10 times (five sacks). He completed just 12 of 24 passes for 168 yards, with one TD pass and one interception, as the offensive line failed to give him time to throw. Again, half of his incompletions were throwaways.

Now he faces a Carolina defense that is playing every bit as well as San Francisco and made things tough on him in Week 8, when he completed 20 of 32 passes for just 199 yards, with one TD and one pick.

It won’t be surprising if he throws another interception Saturday. But — with a 24-2 record at home over the past three years — it will be surprising if he loses.


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