Hawks would be fine even without Quinn, Cable, Bevell

As Pete Carroll’s assistants interview with various teams this week, plenty of fans are wringing their hands at the prospect of losing them. But there is no reason to fret.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn reportedly is on interview lists of San Francisco, Atlanta and the New York Jets. Carroll said offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell already has interviewed with the Oakland Raiders. And Tom Cable will talk to the Jets as well this week.

In fact, Jets owner Woody Johnson reportedly is going to pull off a trifecta interview session in Seattle, talking to Seahawks pro personnel director Trent Kirchner about replacing former general manager John Idzik. Apparently Johnson is not put off by the idea of hiring another Seattle executive.

It seems very unlikely that Bevell or Cable will be hired away — even though they orchestrated the franchise’s best rushing offense ever (the third-best in the NFL since 1985, according to the team).

Bevell got a big endorsement from wide receiver Doug Baldwin this week, but the fact is his offense was a mess for most of the season and whatever success it had is due largely to the magic of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

Bevell reportedly received interest from Washington and Minnesota last year at this time, and some team could become enamored this time, but it’s doubtful.

Quinn is another story, though, after presiding over the No. 1 defense for the second straight year. He reportedly interviewed with Cleveland last year, and this year he could follow in the footsteps of Gus Bradley, who was hired by Jacksonville in 2013.

The Seahawks could withstand the departure of any of those guys.

Remember, the defense is Carroll’s baby, so if Quinn leaves Carroll probably will just promote one of his other assistants to handle the day-to-day details. He could bump up Rocky Seto, who coordinates Seattle’s pass defense, or linebackers coach Ken Norton. Or he could put line coach Travis Jones in charge.

Many dread losing Cable, too. But it might be a good thing. Consider: The Hawks have not tried very hard over the past three years to upgrade their offensive line because they knew Cable could patchwork it. If Cable were to leave, perhaps they would put more draft resources into it and finally build a consistent unit.

The Hawks have two O-line assistants, Pat Ruel and Chris Morgan, so they wouldn’t need to hire a new line coach.

As for Bevell, most agree he is an average play caller and would be easy to replace. The Hawks are going to run the ball, no matter who is calling the plays, and a change in the passing game wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. But don’t count on it.

Bottom line: Whether just Quinn or all three assistants leave, the Seahawks will be fine.


One thought on “Hawks would be fine even without Quinn, Cable, Bevell”

  1. 100% agree,
    Definitely appreciate all the hard-work put in by all the coaches this season.
    I am with a majority of fans hoping to see Bevell go. His play calling stinks. He is lucky, there is so much talent surrounding the offense. I don’t know how many times I can recall Bevell making a horrible call, only to be saved by our talented offense who can make plays out of nothing. Like you mentioned very average play caller, and I wouldn’t miss him if he leaves. (fingers crossed)
    It might rejuvenate the offense with a new OC who actually knows the right plays to call consistently.

    There are plenty of assistants who can step up, so I am curious to see what happens, but I think it will be exactly what the Hawks need after winning two super bowls back to back!

    Keep up the good work, and check out my Hawks page:



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