Carroll relays what NFL said about last play

The ball settles under Richard Sherman in a pile on the last play of the Seahawks-Rams game (via FOX)
The ball settles under Richard Sherman in a pile on the last play of the Seahawks-Rams game (via FOX)

Pete Carroll said the NFL called him Monday to talk about the last play of the Seahawks’ 28-26 loss in St. Louis.

With about one minute left, the Rams fumbled the ball on the play and Richard Sherman appeared to recover the ball for the Seahawks.

“I got a call from them this morning, just to see if I had any questions about it,” Carroll said. “What I was concerned about was: It was such a crucial moment in the game, it was such an unusual situation, why wouldn’t they take all the time that they needed to make a clear-cut decision?

“They felt like, from the looks that they had, that they wouldn’t be able to determine anything more than what was called, and they couldn’t say if it was right or wrong either because they couldn’t tell.

“They saw that the ball was underneath Sherm and he had it right there, but they didn’t feel like he had control of it from what they could see. So they kind of agreed with the way it went.

“I just made the point that really the decisive play, at the end of the game, why would you not take all of the time? It seems like that happens in the college game; they’ll stop the game and they’ll take a look and they’ll investigate further.

“But based on what they saw, they feel like what they had concluded that they weren’t going to be able to help the situation any, so that’s why they did it. I hope it brings awareness to the situation because it’s the last play of the game. What’s the rush? Let’s figure it out.”

Earlier in the day, on 710 ESPN, Carroll acknowledged that it seems like the league’s officials are working against the Seahawks, but he was not buying into any conspiracy theories or agreeing with Earl Thomas’ thoughts.

“That’s not true that they’re out to get us,” he said. “It may feel like that (to players). That’s what the response is. … It’s not necessarily my opinion, but that’s what Earl felt.

“It happens … where it just feels like that,” he said. “We just have to deal with it. We have to play better.”


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