Bevell: ‘I can do a better job … but execution is what it comes down to’

Darrell Bevell speaks to reporters WednesdayDarrell Bevell has taken a lot of heat this week for the terrible performance by the offense in Seattle’s 30-23 loss to Dallas on Sunday.

Among the biggest failings, Marshawn Lynch carried the ball just 10 times (despite gaining 61 yards) and Percy Harvin netted minus-1 yard on six touches. That had many people pointing the finger at the play calling.

Bevell laid most of the blame on poor execution by the players, but he also admitted he needs to get the ball to Lynch more.

It’s overall execution. There’s not one thing,” he said. “I can do a better job. I can get us into some better situations. We can run the ball more like everyone’s asking. … But overall execution is what it comes down to.”

Bevell reiterated what Pete Carroll said about Lynch not getting the ball: The Hawks lost too many third downs.

“So that’s where you start having issues of not getting enough plays. And then (the defense gave up) long drives on the other side, so the clock’s running,” Bevell said. “So it all kind of goes hand in hand. It’s not just one thing that ends up with 10 attempts to Marshawn.”

Carroll said the Seahawks have not strayed from their offensive MO.

“We’ve not changed one iota about what we think, what we feel is the right thing to do,” he said. “We just had games (Dallas and San Diego) that we’ve fallen prey to kind of the situation of the game and we didn’t get what we want done.”

Asked how Lynch feels about the lack of action (you know that’s what he’s all about, boss), Carroll said, “He just wants to be a part and help out as much as he can. He’s in great shape. His mind is right. He’s ready to go again this week, but he’s not any different than I am about it. We want to get the running game going, we want him to be a big factor, and we want you to have to deal with that running game that No. 24 brings us. When we’re not (running), we’re not quite the same. And we don’t want it to be that way.”


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