All you need to know about the jet sweep

Jet sweep
Field Gulls breakdown of the jet sweep the Seahawks ran against Green Bay.

In 2012, the Seahawks added a dynamic player with unique traits and eventually found a way to take advantage of them: Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson lit up the league with the zone read option in the last few weeks of the season.

This year, the Hawks have another new player with stellar abilities, and they already know how to use him.

OK, so Percy Harvin isn’t really new — he was acquired last year — but a hip injury limited him to just a few plays all season so this is really the first time he has been healthy and used to full effect. He showed off his skills impressively in the season-opening 36-16 win over Green Bay.

Now everyone is talking about the Seahawks’ use of the jet sweep — i.e., “The Percy Harvin play.”

It’s not a new play, by any means — college teams have been using it forever, Harvin has run it since he played at Florida and the Seahawks ran it twice in the Super Bowl with Harvin.

But Darrell Bevell, who also coached Harvin for two years in Minnesota, had a whole offseason to come up with creative ways to use Harvin’s speed to create options this year.

Since so much has been written and said about the jet (or fly) sweep already, let’s leave it to others to explain:

Danny Kelly of Field Gulls broke it down right after the Packers game in his review of the ways Harvin was used.

Bucky Brooks of also analyzed the play, ending with, “I think this is the perfect play for the personnel the Seattle Seahawks have on offense.”

Harvin, Bevell and Wilson then explained how it helps the Seahawks and hurts defenses, per reports by Clare Farnsworth of and John Boyle of the Everett Herald.


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