Hip, hip, hooray for Harvin, Chancellor, Irvin

Hawks vs packers HarvinPercy Harvin, Kam Chancellor and Bruce Irvin — three of the Seahawks’ most explosive players — have been joined at the hip over the past year, linked in the misery that the ultra-important joint connecting their legs and torso has caused them.

Each had surgery to fix his injury — you might say it was the “hip” procedure to undergo over the past 12 months — and now they are, yep, hip to play again.

All three feel better than ever, and it showed in the opener against Green Bay.

Harvin ran the Packers ragged — enjoying the freedom of movement so much that he sometimes tripped over his own feet.

Chancellor was a bit out of control, too, working off the rust after spending the offseason recovering from his own surgery.

And Irvin worked in a limited role as a pass rusher after just returning to practice a few days before the game.

It’s amazing that all three have come back from that kind of surgery and seem poised for big things.

Harvin talked about his newfound health last month, telling reporters, “I definitely feel a lot better. I’ve got a lot more motion than I’m used to having. I can do a lot more cuts, just a lot of different motions that I wasn’t able to do before.”

He said the rest of his body feels right because of that surgery. I think the biggest thing with me was my hip was controlling a lot of the hamstrings, knee problems and things like that. My legs are just feeling how they are supposed to feel. It’s very fluid, very smooth. It’s all good.”

Chancellor said he felt like he was playing in a new body last week, and he let his fundamentals slip as he missed three tackles among the 11 he made.

“I wasn’t attacking in control,” Chancellor told The Seattle Times. “I was just flying and trying to deliver the pain. Usually, I’m more in control, my feet are under me, I’ve got a better base, and I’m squaring guys up and really getting to them. But this time I was just trying to run through guys.”

Coach Pete Carroll understood.

“Kam missed a couple of tackles by trying to knock guys out,” he said. “He went after some hits really aggressively, like he was dying to do. He hasn’t had that many shots here in this preseason. He’ll tackle a little better.”

Meanwhile, with fresh legs and a healthy hip, Irvin seemed as fast as ever. And Carroll hopes he gets faster.

“I’m really hoping that Bruce continues to develop. He’s had one week of practice,” Carroll said. “He can’t remember when he’s felt this freed up. He’s had a hip issue in all his playing years, all the way back in college. … There is nothing like the speed off the edge. Fortunately, as Bruce returns, we’ll have that.”

Irvin’s fully loaded pass rush. Harvin’s hair-trigger explosiveness. Chancellor’s bang-bang hits.

Now there’s a trio of gunslingers ready to shoot from the hip.


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