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‘It’s December — time to be great’

logo-philadelphiaDon’t sleep on the Seahawks — at least now that they’re awake themselves.

K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner took offense that the Hawks were underdogs to the Eagles at home and people were writing them off. But the Seahawks had only themselves to blame after losing two straight home games they could have won (or tied in the case of the Falcons).

To shut people up, the Hawks had to open some eyes and prove they were still contenders. And they did that vs. the Eagles, coming up with their best win of the season, 24-10 and making it look like the Hawks are ready to make their typical December run. They’re a league-best 20-5 in the final month with Russell Wilson.

“It’s December,” Wilson said. “It’s time to play. It’s time to be great.”

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Defining game: Wilson is 5-0 in his birthday week

logo-philadelphiaHow apropos that the 10-win Eagles come to town this week — giving the Seahawks their annual defining game at the usual moment, right after Russell Wilson’s birthday.

The Seahawks seem to have a watershed game right around Wilson’s birthday (Nov. 29) every year, and they are 5-0 in games played on or immediately following his big day. They’ll look to make it 6-0 against the juggernaut Eagles.

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Hawks go from 10-loss team to 10-win team

logo-philadelphiaA win against a 10-loss team showed us nothing about the Seahawks we didn’t already know, but a win against a 10-win team Sunday night would tell us a whole lot we didn’t expect.

The 24-13 win over the 49ers was just as ugly as expected and the Seahawks had most of the same troubles that have plagued them all year — scoring in the first half (just seven points), running the ball (68 yards by the running backs), throwing interceptions and missing kicks. The only weakness that seemed stronger this week was penalties — they broke their five-game streak of 100-yard days.

Beating the 10-loss 49ers was no statement. But, if the Hawks had lost, it would have said a lot — i.e., that they were not a playoff team. That is still in question, since the Hawks, even at 7-4, are outside the playoff picture right now.

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