Predictable loss in KC again shows Schneider what he needs to do

The Seahawks were not going to beat Kansas City. Everyone knew that from the moment the schedule came out back in May.

There was perhaps some hope this week that the Hawks could score against what seemed to be a susceptible Chiefs defense. But, instead, the 24-10 loss was another referendum on the Seahawks’ need for better players on both lines and for Pete Carroll and Clint Hurtt to figure out how to get their defenders to tackle.

While the Chiefs were limiting the Seahawks to very few yards after contact, the Hawks continued to whiff on the first tackle attempt throughout the first half. That allowed the Chiefs to put together a 17-3 lead that was more than enough as the Hawks’ offensive line got dominated yet again.

We’ve talked a lot recently about the need to redo the front seven on defense in 2023. But the interior offensive line clearly needs fortification as well. John Schneider witnessed yet another reminder of that Saturday.

Just as the defense righted itself, the Seahawks finally got Ken Walker going in the second half – he finished with 107 rushing yards. But most of his yards came on the edges. The Hawks simply need to upgrade over center Austin Blythe and their right guard platoon, Gabe Jackson and Phil Haynes. Abe Lucas, who has given up eight sacks in his rookie season, needs better support on the right side.

We did a quick mock draft during this game and landed this quartet with Seattle’s four picks in the first and second rounds: Georgia D-lineman Jalen Carter, Northwestern tackle (moving to guard in Seattle) Peter Skoronski, Minnesota center John Michael Schmitz and Baylor NT Siaki Ika.

The Hawks need to make it a big-boy draft.

For now, the Hawks still have a shot at making the playoffs; but, with these below-average lines, they are not going to advance even if they do sneak in.

The Hawks need to win their last two games – home vs. the Jets and Rams — and get one loss each from Washington and Green Bay OR two losses from the Giants plus one from either Washington or Green Bay. The problem is Dallas and Philadelphia — both locked into the playoffs — likely will rest their top guys in Week 18, possibly giving Washington and New York easier paths to victory.

Next week, Washington hosts Cleveland, Green Bay hosts Minnesota and New York hosts Indianapolis. The Packers’ final game is at Detroit.

There is a good chance the Hawks could win both games and still miss the playoffs – meaning their “reward” for a 9-8 season would be to drop lower in the first round (they are at 13th right now).

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4 thoughts on “Predictable loss in KC again shows Schneider what he needs to do”

  1. Yes, I agree !! Two of the best NFL teams just beat the Seahawks, the 49ers and the Chiefs. Pete and John now know what what kinda talent they will have to acquire to make it to the SB. I expect to see allot of changes this off season


  2. I like the mock except that I just don’t believe in Geno. The way I see it, the QB for a contending has to be at least as good as Matt Hasselbeck. Geno is closer to Teddy Bridgewater: He won’t be the reason a team loses games that they aren’t supposed to lose, but he’s not leading anyone to the promised land either. If there’s a QB whom Schneider really likes—and has high on the draft board— is available when the Denver pick comes up, he has to take him.


  3. just hoping for a draft with a couple of impact players on D Line and 1 or 2 on interior O Line. After that, keep filling holes, improving the roster.
    I think Geno has been good enough to win with. His worst games have been as an average QB. Not a bad floor. Many weeks he has been a top 5 QB, usually top 10. And, he will play within the system and not try to be Unlimited…. No guarantees a rookie QB will be better, and for the next 2 years, mostly likely worse.


  4. Yeah, I agree more with Hawk Eye than Paul on this one. Geno has played very steady football. Since you brought up Hasselbeck, let’s compare his 2005 season to Geno this season:

    Geno: 70.7%, 27-9 TD-INT, 3,886 yds, 7.6 y/a, 102.9 rating
    Hasselbeck: 65.5%, 24-9, 3,459 yds, 7.7 y/a, 98.2 rating

    Geno has better numbers across the board. With the right interior OL and a much-improved front 7 on D, I think Geno could lead this team to a Super Bowl.

    Remember, Hasselbeck had two Hall of Fame linemen blocking for him and the best running game in the NFL …


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