Hawks still looking, but Waldron breaks down Lock’s positives

Pete Carroll recently told KJR that the Seahawks did not draft a QB because they considered Drew Lock, a 2019 second-round pick, to be better than every rookie passer.

Carroll also said the Hawks will not trade for a veteran QB at this point, but he and John Schneider also said they will “keep looking” for possible upgrades at QB.

Meanwhile, as Lock and Geno Smith begin their QB competition during Seattle’s OTAs, Shane Waldron broke down some film on Lock from his Denver days.

They were all good plays, of course, showing the promise the Seahawks see in Lock and why they thought he was better than any QB in this year’s draft.

“His arm talent is excellent,” Waldron said. “He can make every throw on the field. He can spread the ball horizontally, vertically – he can do a little bit of everything.”

The full video breakdown is at bottom, but here are some outtakes of Waldron discussing plays and qualities he likes in Lock.

Play-action deep cross to Jerry Jeudy vs. the Raiders.

Waldron: “He’s really trying to find the soft spot in the zone. Similar to concepts that we’re looking to do, Drew’s looking at great run actions, great early downs … where we’ve got to be able to run the ball well so that these plays come to light.

“He’s able to feel (a pass rusher breaking free) and subtly slide and keep the play alive in the pocket … and deliver a throw on the move for a huge explosive play.”

Lock bootlegs right and hits Jeudy on a cross vs. the Falcons.

Waldron: “This really shows that mobility and that accuracy once he does leave the pocket. In these boot style of throws where he’s on the move, he’s able to stay on top of the ball and … make that smart decision for a special play.”

Hits third-down throw with rusher in his face vs. the Raiders.

Waldron: “The poise in the pocket to know part of playing this position is to know there are going to be some times where you’ve gotta stand in there and take a hit.”

Waldron said Lock showed, “I’m not gonna flinch, I’m not gonna get off my spot. And I can still deliver an accurate ball pretty deep down the field with a free runner right in my face.”

Blitzed on third-and-long vs. Chargers, Lock holds safety with his eyes and hits go route for TD.

Waldron: “When he’s delivering this ball, that’s another shot with a free runner in his face. He’s able to stand in there tall and deliver an accurate throw downfield for a touchdown on a third down.”

Third-and-12 in red zone vs. Falcons, Lock hits Noah Fant for a TD down the middle.

On Lock and Fant having background together, Waldron said, “Any time you know a guy already … there’s a little feel for the player – his speed, how his body moves … his little indicators when he’s setting it to be open. Having that already at his disposal is a big help.”

Waldron seemed to hint that Seattle is not looking to add another QB right now. He said, “You get through the draft, you get into the true offseason program where you’ve got your team for the 2022 season.”

Carroll also told KJR that the Hawks are not going to trade for a veteran QB (e.g., Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo) but that they will “keep looking.”

Schneider reiterated that, telling Seattle Sports Radio, “We’re always looking to see what the landscape looks like, especially at that position. … You’re constantly evaluating and watching and seeing what’s happening throughout the National Football League.

“We’ll keep looking and see what’s going on.”


3 thoughts on “Hawks still looking, but Waldron breaks down Lock’s positives”

  1. I was very happy with the draft.
    Hoping they go with Lock, who I think has the potential to lose a bunch of close games. I want a good team that loses, with signs of a fast, aggressive D.
    Hoping Denver chokes (schadenfraude will be my favorite team this year) and the Hawks have two top 10 picks, a young, hungry team that just needs a good QB on a rookie contract and 2013 here we go.
    Deja vu all over again

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  2. Hahaha: “I want a good team that loses”

    Well, we know Geno is not a rally QB — he showed that last season. So if Lock is similar, turning it over when the pressure is on, you will get your wish …

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  3. I had no with PCJS not drafting a QB in this draft. Overall, for once they showed some restraint, didn’t get too clever by half, and may well have come away with a foundational draft.

    Much griping from the analytics gang about KW3 and “positional value,” but even their boards ranked him about where he went. Why a team would forego a potential impact player in favor of QB they don’t think is any good is beyond me. Similarly, why use position to justify taking a player who has less chance of making an impact?

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