Still in Wilson’s head, Rams end Seahawks’ season again

For the second straight year, the Rams – Russell Wilson’s forever nemesis – ended Seattle’s season.

Yeah, there are three games left, but the Seahawks have been hanging by a thread ever since their unconscionable 3-8 start. We actually called it after they got that eighth loss at Washington.

Every game has been a playoff game for the past three weeks, and the Rams were the ones to knock them out, just like they did in the real playoffs last season.

Wilson and the offense were every bit as out of sorts Tuesday in a 20-10 loss as they were in that 30-20 playoff loss — and Seattle is now 1-5 in the last six against the Rams, averaging a pathetic 15.8 points. Sean McVay and Aaron Donald have dominated the last 10 games against Pete Carroll and Wilson, winning eight.

That has to change if the Hawks are going to get back to the top of the NFC West. Everyone knows the only way it will change is if Wilson and/or Carroll are gone after this season. As we have said, our money is on Wilson.

He played yet another baffling game – proving maybe for the last time that the Rams are deeply embedded in his head.

And it wasn’t his line’s fault. That unit played well enough to win, especially as the Hawks did fine running the ball (80 yards on 19 carries) when Shane Waldron deigned to do it (31-19 pass-run ratio). Their TD drive came courtesy of Rashaad Penny and DeeJay Dallas.

Assuming Carroll stays, he is going to have to decide whether Waldron deserves a second season, with a new QB who can do more than Wilson can.  

In this game, Wilson’s best attribute – his deep ball – was missing. He grossly underthrew DK Metcalf on what may have been a touchdown in the fourth quarter. He said he was trying to get rid of the ball before being hit – another sign that Donald and the Rams are in the quarterback’s head.

For the umpteenth game this season, Carroll lamented poor throws by Wilson: “We are trying to get the ball (to Metcalf). We’ve just got to throw it and catch it and make the plays. We’ve got to throw it better …”  

Metcalf was understandably frustrated on that underthrow. It was the continuation of a theme for the erstwhile rising start, who doesn’t have a score in the last six games and hasn’t gained 60 yards in the last seven.  

There are so many reasons to think Wilson’s time in Seattle is up. This game encapsulated a lot of them.

No ‘bellyaching’ necessary

The Seahawks were going to lose this game anyway, but conspiracy theorists will blame it all on the NFL – first for a two-day Covid delay that allowed the Rams to get back Jalen Ramsey and Von Miller, then for the horrendously one-sided officiating that hindered an already disadvantaged Seattle squad.

Wilson also underthrew DeeJay Dallas on fourth down late in the game. Rams linebacker Ernset Jones ran into Dallas as he reached back to get the ball, but the refs didn’t call it. Watchers everywhere were outraged.

The Seahawks know they were on the wrong end of several calls in this game, but they also know they could have overcome them if their offense were any better.

“I’m not bellyaching about that call,” Carroll said of the Dallas play. “We needed to win the game in all the other ways we could win the game.”

As for the Covid issue, the Hawks didn’t lose any healthy players after Sunday, so moving the game did not affect their roster. Both teams were without three starters, so it evened out – which was the NFL’s point of moving the game.

As Carroll put it, “The delay helped them. It didn’t hamper us — other than not having Tyler (Lockett).”

As for the Seahawks’ outbreak, which landed 10 guys on the COVID-19 list, Carroll said, “A couple guys felt a little something, but they’re not sick sick. … It’s really frustrating for them because they don’t feel bad.”

The NFL eased its testing protocols, and league-wide results predictably dropped Tuesday. But, as Carroll correctly said, “I don’t think we’re done with this thing. I think we’re still dealing with it.”

Other observations

Quandre Diggs is making more money every game. The Pro Bowl safety had his fifth interception of the season — picking off Matthew Stafford, his friend and former Detroit teammate, for the second time. Diggs said he “wasn’t supposed” to be where he was when he made the interception, but he said film study told him to make a self-audible on that play. The Hawks need to extend him in the next three weeks – or be prepared to franchise him.

After a hugely disappointing season that stems largely from the way the Seahawks have used him, Carlos Dunlap is finally coming alive. He became the first Seahawk with three sacks since Michael Bennett did it in 2015. Add that to the safety he had against the 49ers, and he has four sacks in limited playing time over the past three weeks. The D-line rotations have been terrible this season as the coaches focused on stopping the run at the expense of the pass rush. They need to rethink that next year.


13 thoughts on “Still in Wilson’s head, Rams end Seahawks’ season again”

  1. I think first one out the door of the Triumvirate has to be Russ. Hopefully he is worth more than a 3rd rd pick by March. But the way he is playing…..
    Like you, due to contract situation and 9 straight winning seasons, I don’t see John or Pete getting fired or quitting.
    I do want to see what happens to the team with a different qb. Not winning a SB with Russ, let’s roll the dice again and find a game manager on a rookie contract. For those who claim all they ever found before was Tavarus, Flynn and Clipboard Jesus, we also know John was looking at Mahomes and J Allan also.

    And, with the #4 scoring D, I don’t see Pete replacing KNJ either.
    I still don’t believe in KNJ, but he will be back most likely. Did Quinn or Bradley ever have a really good D after they left Seattle? Maybe DC does matter as much as we think with Pete as HC.
    With some draft picks and no high salaried qb, maybe they can make the D elite again. Then we stand a chance.
    I want hope and right now what I see from Russ & the offense gives me no hope.
    The D gives me a glimmer of hope


    1. “Maybe DC does matter as much as we think with Pete as HC.” I have always said Carroll makes all the big decisions on defense. His DC just controls rotations and such during the game (and their DL rotations were terrible this year, BTW).


  2. I’m not in a big hurry to move on from Wilson—who is playing hurt—in the absence of an ironclad plan to replace him with a equal or better talent. What’s more likely under John Schneider? A realistic replacement or a lost decade or two of Kitnas and McGwires?

    If I’m Jody Allen and I want to shake things up, I start by identifying the main issue. To me, that is the GM who failed to rebuild the defense, took far too long to field a credible offensive line,* whose draft history has forced him into one trade after another (and the attendant opportunity costs), and whose free agent strategy depends on good drafts. Schneider’s recent extension is not a concern because his contract is sure to include a buyout/termination mechanism. The expense of that doesn’t bother me because I am one of the wealthiest people in the world.

    If I *really* want to shake things up, I next cast my eye on the 70-year old coach (or leave his future up to Schneider’s replacement). An emeritus position shouldn’t be hard to arrange. Again, I don’t care about the cost.

    Bottom line: If they are going to move on from Wilson, move on from Schneider first and give the new GM the freedom to address QB and coach. The alternative is more flailing.

    *Rather than use one of his three 2021 draft picks on who looks like a perennial Pro Bowl center (Creed Humphrey), Schneider chose to open the season with Kyle Fuller and let Humphrey protect Patrick Mahomes. I practically weep every time I see TJ Watt and think of Malik McDowell.


    1. why is replacing the 3rd best qb in the division, or at best the 6th best qb in the conference cause for nashing of teeth?
      he is not a top 10 qb anymore, but is paid like a top 4. Can’t win like that.

      we can be 5 and 9 with a $2 mil qb, which is not as bad as 5 and 9 with a $35 mil qb


      1. 5-9 year in and year out is nothing to write home about. The point is that putting Schneider in charge of a plan to transition from Wilson is no plan at all.


  3. Wilson is there biggest investment and one they should keep… at least for one more year. JS has been hit or miss on drafts, trades but acceptable on contract talks. PC for all he has done for the Seahawks doesn’t deserve to be fired but his coaching philosophy is stuck in the 2010’s. Maybe he can occupy a top level position in the front office with consulting on roster but not total say. If he is retained as coach his coaching staff and philosophy must definitely change.


    1. Wilson is the WORST 3rd down qb in the entire NFL.
      with 2 Pro bowl receivers, in his 10th year.
      Russ cannot carry the team, and with his salary, he has to.
      He is not mobile anymore and he is stubborn. Not going to get better

      Have you not noticed how many teams are going back to running more now? NE vs Buf? How is Pete’s philosophy of a good running game with explosive passing game and strong D out of date? He does not want to run all the time, he wants to run EFFECTIVELY.
      Pete and John have made mistakes, and have 9 straight winning seasons. Now compare their mistakes to every other team. What does Belicheck’s draft record look like?
      and Jody is not firing John or Pete, despite what some fans (and certain bloggers) want.


    2. It’s not that Schneider is hit or miss—I get that no GM is going hit on every pick, and it’s undeniable that Schneider has found good players. But overall, he has not been able to build a decent offensive line in a reasonable time or draft a credible secondary. The ripple effects from that have been crippling.


      1. not disagreeing on bad drafts catching up with them.
        how much of the O line problems are on Wilson?
        holding the ball too long?
        Not calling out protections at the LOS?
        what did Walter Jones say to QBs who complained about getting hit? “Throw the ball!”
        Has Russ ever had a great playoff game?
        Just tell me about the 1 game where Russ played like a superstar. I have seen every one. I can’t recall one.


  4. There are many reasons I could point out for R. Wilson’s poor performance, that has already been pointed out by many other fans, regarding his poor performance. But what stands out the most in my mind is, if Wilson is really having lingering problems with his injured finger, why didn’t he step down and give the back-up QB Geno Smith a chance to keep the team in playoff hunt ?? This is what he should have done if he is a true team player. No turning back now, the Seahawks are out of the playoff picture because of Wilson’s poor performance throwing the ball.


  5. Merry Christmas, everyone! Great debate on this key time in franchise history. I think we all agree change has to happen.

    In a perfect world, I agree with PKGoode: “If they are going to move on from Wilson, move on from Schneider first and give the new GM the freedom to address QB and coach. The alternative is more flailing.”

    Would Jody Allen fire the GM and bring in a GM who gets to decide Carroll’s fate? Probably not yet.

    So the QB is the one who is probably going to go. I agree with Hawk Eye: “I do want to see what happens to the team with a different QB.”

    Bring in Carr or Garoppolo and get the running game where it was in 2018-19 while tweaking the defense a bit (Marshon Lattimore!) — and this team is back in the playoffs and maybe going farther with a perhaps less dynamic but more complete QB …


    1. if we don’t get change, we will get more of the same. Which is no SB contender. So that is what everyone wants. But what change is were we will get a diversity of opinion.
      We have no vote, so we just have to accept whatever they decide to do.
      I think Russ going is the most realistic scenario, if we are lucky (very, very), it will turn out that helps. Might take more than a year to know.
      Until then, we can all guess and speculate and entertain ourselves that way. Because we won’t be able to do that on Sunday afternoons…..

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