Will Wilson and/or Rodgers make it back for Week 10 meeting?

Earlier this year, there were huge questions around whether Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers would be on their teams – and thus facing each other in Week 10.

Well, they are both still with their clubs, but there are still questions about whether they will face each other. It will be the big drama next week, with Rodgers now in the Covid protocol and Wilson trying to rally from a broken finger in time to face the Packers in Green Bay.

Rodgers’ situation is a little surprising. He apparently is unvaccinated, which is odd for a guy who seems smart enough to understand the importance – both individually and societally – of the vaccine. Clearly, he is not that smart.

He is out for the game vs. the Chiefs, and he will be a close call for the Week 10 game vs. the Seahawks as his 10-day mandatory sit-out will expire the day before the game and he will still need consecutive negative tests to play.

If 2020 first-rounder Jordan Love plays well vs. the Chiefs, it seems quite possible that Packers coach Matt LaFleur could stay with Love for Week 10, given that Rodgers will miss the entire week of preparation.

Wilson surely will push as hard as possible to get back for that game. He has had the pin removed from his finger, and Week 10 would be the low end of the four- to eight-week estimation for recovery time.

Geno Smith easily led the Seahawks past the Jaguars 31-7 on Sunday, putting them at 3-5. They need seven wins in the final nine games to have a good shot at the playoffs. An unexpected win in Green Bay, where Wilson is 0-4, would help make up some ground.

Will it be Wilson vs. Rodgers or Smith vs. Love (or backup vs. starter)?


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