This draft is in Seattle’s corner

DRAFT COUNTDOWN: 4 weeks.  A weekly look at draft-related topics involving the Seahawks. Make sure to check out our draft page.

John Schneider and Matt Thomas have done a very good job of resetting Seattle’s veteran roster over the past couple of weeks, and attention now can turn toward the draft – less than four weeks away.

The Seahawks have just three picks at the moment (rounds 2, 4, 7), but you can expect Schneider to pull off some of his trade magic and bump that to at least five (even if most of them are on Day 3). We recently went through some options for how he could do that (although we unfortunately can scratch Jarran Reed from bringing any draft value).

This draft appears to be strong at the three spots the Seahawks still need to improve: cornerback, wide receiver and center.

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