Wilson ‘very adamant’ about fixing ‘passive’ offense

In his first comments since the Seahawks hired Shane Waldron to run the offense, Russell Wilson said he was “adamant” about finding an OC who would maintain a dynamic offense and he said he already has talked to Waldron several times about how they are going to do that.

In his radio spot, he also said the Seahawks became “passive” in the second half of last season – due in part to offensive line injuries and his own uneven play.

“We had such an electric, amazing start at the beginning of the year,” he said of the offense’s record-setting first two months. “We were able to do everything. We went for it every game, every play, every possession.”

After averaging 34 points in the first eight games, Wilson and company dropped to 23 in the final nine (20 if you discount the easy 40 against the Jets).

“We hit some bumps in the road,” Wilson said. “I could have played better. I should have played better. I can do my part, too, obviously. I think what happened was that we had several guys go down up front; we didn’t have our starters, necessarily, and everything else.”

Even though it seemed in many games as though Wilson was looking deep far too often, with excellent defenses shutting down the inflexible Seattle offense, Wilson insists the team was not aggressive enough.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t go for it as much, I don’t think,” he said. “I think we got a little bit passive. And we’ve got to make sure that never happens again. We’ve got to make sure we do everything we can to be playing this Sunday (in the Super Bowl).”

He agreed with the rest of us that the Hawks did not switch up strategies in-game well enough – the biggest reason Brian Schottenheimer is not with the team anymore.

“We didn’t adjust great throughout those tough (matchups),” Wilson said. “We had a couple games we could have adjusted better.”

As the Hawks searched for a new OC, Wilson said, “I was very adamant that we needed to have a mixture of all the different things that we can do. We need our offense to continue to progress, continue to grow, continue to challenge. I think Shane definitely brings that to the table. Hopefully he can really help us with that. I’ve had some great dialogue with him over the past several days.”

As we have said, Waldron is here for only one reason: To get Wilson and the offense to play well against good defenses and get this franchise back to the Super Bowl.

It’s all Wilson wants, too: “For the next 10-plus years of my career, my mindset is on one thing – that’s winning more championships.”


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