Hawks should be open to Schneider trade

In 1999, the Seahawks paid a second-round pick to Green Bay for Mike Holmgren, who took over as coach and general manager. These Hawks should consider trading John Schneider for similar compensation after this season.

Scuttlebutt says Schneider may become a free agent in 2022, if the Seahawks do not increase his pay toward the top end of the league’s GM payroll. And Detroit reportedly is interested in trying to pry him from Seattle this year.

The Hawks should be willing to make a trade, if Detroit is willing to give up a first-rounder or perhaps a second and something else.

As revered as Schneider may be by many around the NFL, it’s time for the Hawks to try a new personnel approach. They need a more proactive GM. As we recently reminded, Schneider has become very reactive in most of his moves over the past few years. His best moves these days are his veteran trades – and most of those come out of desperation. The Hawks need a more astute drafter, free agency dealer and salary cap manager.

The Hawks could replace Schneider with one of his top assistants, Trent Kirchner or Scott Fitterer – if one of them is willing to depart from Schneider’s conservative, reactive philosophy. Or bring in an outside guy who fits with Pete Carroll and is willing to push the envelope while putting together an actual plan for the future.

Of course, the question is whether Schneider really is considering leaving. He once apparently had a clause that allowed him to go run the Packers, where he grew up professionally. The Packers then reportedly tried to talk to him in 2018, but the Seahawks declined.

They should listen this time, if Schneider is willing to go to the Packers’ rival and the Lions offer the correct pay and picks.


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