On Day 2, Hawks are targeting savvy rookies

Draft logo 2020Ahead of the draft, we pointed out that the Seahawks seemed to be approaching this unusual offseason with the idea of using a veteran team and not relying on rookies given the limited prep time.

We said this class would largely be a redshirt bunch, except for positions such as running back and defensive tackle that are not as complicated and make it easier for youngsters to contribute.

Well, the Hawks apparently think they can pick a bunch of rookies who can step in right away — an odd thought considering they held back Marquise Blair last year and have rarely gotten much out of their rookies in recent years.

After picking four-year Texas Tech starter Jordyn Brooks, John Schneider said, “Our philosophy was trying to get players that, in the environment that we’re in, can come in and act like pros right away. And this is one of them.”

Pete Carroll did mention not overloading the rookies, saying, “It’s really important for us to make good decisions with the young guys, particularly, possibly in a shortened offseason and an abbreviated preparation period, that we put them in the right spot and we don’t give them too much.”

So, as Day 2 starts, we know what they are looking for: experience, maturity, proven production. As we mentioned, running back and defensive tackle are positions where you can add immediate players. The Seahawks also are not afraid to play rookie corners (e.g., Richard Sherman, Shaquill Griffin, Tre Flowers).

They have to wait until overall picks 59 and 64 today, unless they choose to move up. That would go against Schneider’s MO, cutting into his seven picks (he has never had fewer than eight).

But, perhaps Schneider will be OK with a smaller draft class this year. The Seahawks are thought to really like Wisconsin rusher Jonathan Taylor; would they move up for him? It likely would cost their third-rounder (at least) — probably a price too steep for Schneider’s taste.

Or might Schneider make a big move for Yannick Ngakoue? The Jags might take a second-rounder for him today, despite GM Dave Caldwell’s attempt to keep the price high: “I think his options are very limited at this point. … We’ll welcome him back with open arms.”

Of course, a contract would have to be worked out as well — so that one still seems very unlikely.

The Hawks probably will stick to their picks — and even trade down from 64 if they can, to add a pick or two on Day 3.

Schneider typically goes “by the book” in the second round (he has “reached” only once in 11 such picks). If he stays true to consensus today, he might have a shot at some of these guys: defensive linemen Marlon Davidson (Auburn), Justin Madubuike (Texas A&M), Julian Okwara (Notre Dame), Raekwon Davis (Alabama) and Bradlee Anae (Utah); cornerbacks Bryce Hall (Virginia) and Amik Robertson (La. Tech); offensive lineman Robert Hunt (Louisiana); center Matt Hennessy (Temple).

There are still a bunch of receivers in a deep class, too, but how many of them are going to be able to come in with no prep time and add anything? If Schneider drafts a receiver, he will be redshirting him.

You never can tell what Schneider is going to do — as evidenced by this year’s first-round pick — but figure he probably is aiming to secure a running back, defensive tackle and offensive tackle today, along with perhaps adding a Day 3 pick or two (if he can find a trade partner).


3 thoughts on “On Day 2, Hawks are targeting savvy rookies”

  1. FWIW, Moyer says that Ngakuoe is good, not great — not worth a #1 or the kind of money he’s asking. Moyer was very critical of YN’s rum defense and says that he sits out every third series.


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