No risk: Kendricks might be here for only a week

Logo -- At ChicagoThe Seahawks have some temporary (we hope) problems at linebacker, and they came up with a controversial solution when they reportedly added Mychal Kendricks, who faces up to three years in prison when he is sentenced in January for insider trading.

Assuming his only fault is that he cheated to gain some extra investment cash, Kendricks is not any kind of risk for the Hawks — and there’s no reason to dislike the move. He committed a victim-less crime and will pay his penance after his Jan. 24 sentencing.

Most fans seem to agree with us, not overly concerned about his financial crime — knowing he did not hurt anyone and will pay for his investment shenanigans later. But some wonder whether the NFL might suspend him, making this signing moot.

You can be sure the Seahawks already have checked with the league and are at least sure he will be available for Monday’s game in Chicago. It seems entirely possible an NFL suspension looms beyond that, though.

Roger Goodell has not faced a white-collar-crime scenario like this before, but players who are convicted of crimes always end up suspended under the league’s personal conduct policy. It probably would be anywhere from five weeks (what Terrelle Pryor got for receiving improper benefits at Ohio State) to eight weeks.

For Seattle, Kendricks is a week-to-week guy who can be cut at any time, with no future commitment. And don’t be surprised if he is cut as soon as K.J. Wright returns. Or the Hawks might just leave him on the suspended list (where they wouldn’t have to pay him) and bring him back later in the season.

The Hawks have some major issues at linebacker right now: Wright (knee) is out another week or two, rookie Shaquem Griffin is not good enough for three downs right now, and Bobby Wagner (hamstring) is now injured. Austin Calitro rotated with Griffin at weakside linebacker in Denver, but he could be needed to step in for Wagner in Chicago on Monday. Thus the need for Kendricks.

Pete Carroll liked Kendricks in the 2012 draft, but Philadelphia took him one spot ahead of Seattle in the second round, so the Hawks drafted Wagner.

Now they have both, though for how long remains to be seen.

Elsewhere on defense, rookie cornerback Tre Flowers apparently has a hamstring injury and did not practice Wednesday. If his injury is serious, Neiko Thorpe and Akeem King would be the options to replace him.

Bradley McDougald, the defensive star with two picks in Denver, is dealing with a knee injury that briefly sidelined him against the Broncos. The defense would really take a hit if he and Wagner joined Wright on the sideline.


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