Did Hawks just redraft 2016 third round?

NFL draftThis draft almost looks like an admission by the Seahawks that they screwed up the third round of the 2016 draft — they basically performed a do-over by drafting Rashaad Penny, Will Dissly and Jamarco Jones.

The 2016 third-rounders, who were supposed to be part of the next core, have done next to nothing for Seattle. C.J. Prosise has been injured almost his entire first two years, Rees Odhiambo was ineffective before getting hurt last year and Nick Vannett has barely contributed.

That trio has one last chance to show something, but the Seahawks’ additions of Penny, Dissly and Jones are obvious signs of discontent by John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

In 2016, the Seahawks actually drafted three running backs — Prosise in the third, Alex Collins in the fifth and Zac Brooks in the seventh. That group was such a failure that the team added Chris Carson in the seventh round last year and then felt compelled to up the ante with its first-round pick on Penny this year.

Carroll was stoked about Prosise in 2016, declaring the coaches had huge plans for him. He has spoken similarly about Penny, who will be expected to take over the main rusher role. Prosise, meanwhile, needs to stay healthy just to make the roster.

In 2016, the Hawks took Vannett four picks after Prosise — and the tight end seemed like the better pick at the time. But, he was stuck behind Jimmy Graham and Luke Willson in his first two years, and Schneider and Carroll apparently think so little of him that they signed veteran Ed Dickson to start and then overdrafted Dissly in the fourth because they wanted a blocking tight end so badly. Vannett seems to have fallen to third, with Tyrone Swoopes possibly breathing down his neck for a roster spot.

Odhiambo was taken three picks after Vannett — a major reach/projection at the time who has not come close to proving Schneider right. Now here comes Jones, a fifth-rounder who looks like he might bump Odhiambo from the roster unless the latter steps it up and proves he offers something as a versatile backup.

Rather than Prosise and Odhiambo in that 2016 third round, the Seahawks could have gone with a couple from this Seahawky-looking group: OL Graham Glasgow, LB Joe Schobert, LB De’Vondre Campbell, SS Miles Killebrew, RB Jordan Howard.

But they didn’t, and now it looks like they might have just replaced the 2016 third-rounders.


6 thoughts on “Did Hawks just redraft 2016 third round?”

  1. Prosise had injury concerns coming into the draft, a few injuries in college. Which was one of the main concerns that JS and PC had, which led them to Penny. A RB who didn’t carry as much of a load across multiple seasons, and didn’t have any injuries.

    Vannett still could contribute, and Dissly may have been drafted simply to replace the void left by Graham and Willson, but as a blocking TE. They seem to be focusing more on TE that can block, hence Ed Dickson, Vannett, and Dissly. Swoopes is still a project.

    Couldn’t agree more about Odihambo but that was during the Tom Cable era, and Jones was a steal. I think he could have gone in the 2nd or 3rd round, so I think he’s a better option than Odihambo already.


  2. I can definitely see your point, but allow me to propose something different.

    Prosise had injury concerns coming into the draft which is a major difference between him and Penny.

    I think Dissly is there to replace holes on the TE roster after losing Graham and Willson in FA, and a showing that they want to have more blocking TE’s on the roster. I think we will see a jump from Vannett now that he isn’t buried on the roster. But it could go either way, we’ll have to wait and see. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    I couldn’t agree more about Odihambo. He was undersized and had injury concerns (thanks Tom Cable) he was projected in the 6th or 7th round and got drafted in the 3rd. Major reach. Where Jones was projected in the 2nd or 3rd round and they got him in the 5th. Big value. Jones also started all 3 seasons at Ohio State without missing a game, only allowed 3 sacks in over 1,800 snaps and 3 penalties. I think this is a much more solid pick, and shows a change in the drafting formula of Ljneman now that Cable is gone. See this article for reference on Jones.



  3. Yeah, I agree Jones is a better pick, Vannett and Dissly could coexist as TE2/3 and Penny is obviously a better RB than Prosise, and not only because of the durability.

    This trio looks better from the get-go. Now we’ll see …


  4. Even given his history, I can see why PC was stoked about Prosise. (But then, he’s stoked about everyone.) Vannett and Odhiambo have to be major disappointments.

    It’s possible, though, that Odhiambo is yet another lineman who was mis-coached by Tom Cable. He has a better chance of sticking with the team than George Fant, who was a Cable fantasy.


  5. Anything on Prosise I think is total crap. What he showed in his first year made PC and JS look like geniuses. If he held up he is our 3 down RB. Running backs across the board have huge risks for injury and you never know if you get a person like Todd Gurley who showed so much potential in college and goes down with a big injury and has been relatively injury free since or you get a guy like Prosise who has injury after injury. Too bad for Prosise because he should get cut as McKisson is more reliable and shows similar promise in 3rd down situations


  6. Personally, I don’t even want to see Prosise in camp. If he has even a two week stretch of health in July, there will be this media fed hope and hype about him, when we all know he’s a menstrual cramp away from being day to day and mostly out for a 2-3 month stretch. Would be funny if Pete puts him on IR his first nagging camp injury.


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