Secondary queries: A 2 for Thomas? And use it on a corner?

NFL draftWith the draft fast approaching next week, the Seahawks have solidified almost every position on the team.

After re-signing Austin Davis and Paul Dawson, they at least have a pretty full complement at every position — some obviously stronger in talent than others. The one spot that is still very unsettled is the secondary.

Yeah, they have re-signed Bradley McDougald and Justin Coleman and added Maurice Alexander, Dontae Johnson and C.J. Smith. But we still don’t know whether Earl Thomas will remain a Seahawk or who will be the No. 2 corner opposite Shaquill Griffin.

Dez Bryant’s release by Dallas has cranked up the volume on Earl Thomas trade speculation. The Cowboys, who now have cap room to add Thomas, reportedly are hoping the Seahawks will drop their asking price to a second-rounder.

The prevailing opinion is that the Seahawks will not get a 1 for Thomas. Would they accept a 2 this year and 3 or 4 in 2019? It is probably the best they could get. If Dallas or another team offers it, they should take it.

We are in favor of the Hawks extending Thomas, but John Schneider has basically said he isn’t going to. So he really has to trade the safety — and a second-rounder plus another pick is better than a third-round comp pick in 2020.

Assuming Thomas will be gone by draft day, that would leave the Hawks with McDougald, Alexander and Delano Hill as the top safeties, entering the draft. The Hawks reportedly have met with three safeties since the Combine. Stanford’s Justin Reid, who looks like a combo safety, and Alabama’s Ronnie Harrison, a pure strong safety, are both potential Round 2 options. Same with Wake Forest’s Jessie Bates.

The Seahawks should end up with at least one pick in Round 2, as they are expected to move down from No. 18 overall — possibly all the way out of the first round. Trading Thomas to Dallas could net another second-rounder.

A lot of mocks have been slotting Iowa cornerback Josh Jackson to the Hawks at 18; but, even if the Seahawks were to stay at 18, there is no way they would pick a corner that high or even draft Jackson (he doesn’t meet their specs).

In Seattle, Schneider has never drafted a corner as high as the second round. But he might consider it for Colorado’s Isaiah Oliver, who fits all of Seattle’s ideals and could push for a starting spot right away.

Seattle obviously is not handing Johnson the No. 2 spot — his deal is worth just $1.3 million. So it seems as though Schneider is going to be looking for a potential starter, for now or later, at some point in the draft. Among the other corners Seattle might consider on Day 3 are Texas’ Holton Hill, Boston College’s Isaac Yiadom and Virginia Tech’s Brandon Facyson.

However it works out, Seattle should come out of the draft with a cover guy to jump into a No. 2 corner fray that includes Johnson, Coleman, Neiko Thorpe, DeAndre Elliott and Mike Tyson.

Whether the Hawks also nab a safety largely depends on whether they end up trading Thomas. Will they take the second-rounder from Dallas?


6 thoughts on “Secondary queries: A 2 for Thomas? And use it on a corner?”

  1. If JS can’t get what they want from any team, keep ETIII and move on. Personally, id take a 1st next year and 3rd this year. As for the draft, get the best player available in most any position because holes will come up every year. Trade down? Get higher picks one or two years down the road! I’d rather see the Hawks get higher round choices in future years versus lower rounds now. Four 5th rounders this year?!? Trade two of them for 3rd or 4th rounders next year. Keep doing that and we’ll be a draft powerhouse for years to come.

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  2. In general, I like your thinking — trade Day 3 picks for future higher slots. The best part of any draft is Day 2. I would always take four Day 2 picks over seven in 1-7. So I would typically trade out of the first if in the bottom half …

    This year is weird because of the lack of a 2 and 3. Unlike the last two years, when Seattle was rich on Day 2, Schneider has to manufacture picks there now


  3. It would be nice to know one way or another on Thomas, Ill guess we will find out in a week. Personally I like Campbell at CB from Penn State as he has some good physical traits. There is also Tedric Thompson at FS as well as that dude is a ball hawk. Personally I would be fine with Thompson and Hill battling for that second safety spot and if Thompson wins McDougald can play SS and if Hill wins McDougald could play FS.


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