Report: Schneider declined to match 49ers’ offer to Sherman

Logo -- Free agencyRichard Sherman apparently gave the Seahawks a second chance, but John Schneider declined to match the 49ers’ offer.

When Schneider cut Sherman on Friday, he asked him to let Seattle try to match any offer, according to’s Peter King. When Sherman called Saturday with his incentive-laden offer from the 49ers, Schneider told him, “Incentives (are) a little rich for me.”

Seattle wasn’t the only team to decline. Sherman called Oakland and Detroit, and both turned down the deal.

The contract is really for three years and $21 million, with the rest in incentives, according to Pro Football Talk’s detailed breakdown. If Sherman is healthy, it easily could be worth $30 million. And if he plays like he did in 2013-16, he could max out the $39 million.

As for this year, it looks like his cap hit will be a little over $7 million (some of the incentives won’t count as likely to be earned because he didn’t hit those marks last year). However, if he maxed out his incentives, Seattle would have to absorb the cap hit for them in 2019, which could push that cap number to nearly $18 million. Even without the Pro Bowl/All-Pro honors, if he were healthy all year, 2019 would be almost $12 million.

Schneider apparently wasn’t interested in paying the injured 30-year-old star that much.


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