Sherman not going anywhere in 2018

Seahawks bandagesContrary to some thoughts, Richard Sherman is not going anywhere.

The Seahawks are not going to cut him, because they never do that to injured stars. And they’re now not going to consider trading him, because his Achilles injury has stunted his value.

The Seahawks are going to do what they always do with valued players who get hurt: Help him rehab and come back stronger than ever in 2018.

It’s what they did with Jimmy Graham, even as some called for the team to trade or cut him in 2016 as he came back from a torn patellar tendon. It’s also what they did with DeShawn Shead this year; they even signed Shead to a $1.2 million deal, knowing he would not be available until after midseason.

Sherman is due $11 million in 2018, the final year of his contract, and the Seahawks surely will pay it and deal with a possible extension or free agency in 2019.

In the meantime, the Seahawks will now see whether Sherman’s injury impacts them as much as Earl Thomas’ broken leg did last December and January. Thomas should return in the next week or two from his hamstring injury, and he will find himself busy supporting Jeremy Lane, assuming Lane is Sherman’s replacement on the left corner.

Quarterbacks are going to feel free to throw all around the field now, which will both test Seattle and conceivably give the secondary more chances at interceptions.


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