Schneider had to be ready for backfire

Salary cap logoJohn Schneider was ready for this. He had to be.

He knew it was possible — if not probable — that Jeremy Lane could fail his physical. After all, Lane suffered yet another injury Sunday.

Seattle’s trade filed Tuesday indicated a conditional fifth-rounder going to Houston, and the condition probably was Lane passing his physical. Schneider and Houston GM Rick Smith probably wrote in the upgrade to a third in that case, which is how Seattle ended up giving up a 2018 third-rounder and 2019 second and getting back a 2018 fifth along with Duane Brown.

The bigger issue now is cap space: With Lane’s $2.1 million staying on the books, the Seahawks have around $500,000 in room — even after Russell Wilson signed off on a simple restructure to accommodate Brown’s remaining $5 million.

Schneider has few options for making cap space in case of further injuries. Seattle can’t get any cap room from waiving anyone, unless the player is claimed or was signed after the season started.

So it would have to be another veteran restructure. Players apparently can do simple restructures any time, so the Seahawks could free up $2.4 million from Michael Bennett or $1.3 million from Bobby Wagner. Or they could get up to $3 million from Richard Sherman or $1.5 million from K.J. Wright. (Those options assume the players would agree to take the upfront money to help the team.)

Meanwhile, the Seahawks’ 2018 draft now is missing both the second and third picks. The Hawks have these selections (by round): 1, 4, 5, 5, 5, 7, 7.

Of course, as we all know, Schneider will trade out of the first round and pick up a second and another pick or two (in April he added three more picks by moving to the second round).

Schneider is always planning ahead.


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