CHAWK LINES -- 49ers at Seahawks

The Seahawks can show the opener was an aberration — or reality.

The Seahawks are 7-0 in home openers in Carroll era, winning by an average of 17.4 points. Here’s a look back at all seven.

Three matchups, including Brian Hoyer vs. the home crowd.

Five things to watch in the game.

“If there’s a matchup where they can get some pressure, it’s this one.” — Analyst and former offensive lineman David Diehl, on the 49ers’ D-line vs. Seattle’s O-line.

The 49ers need to take an early lead and go deep on the Hawks, according to one San Francisco guy.

Everyone thinks the Hawks will win by a couple of touchdowns (or more).

Sheldon Richardson is already a “difference maker” for Seattle.

Jimmy Graham is looking to bounce back from a rough opener.

As a broadcaster, John Lynch picked Pete Carroll’s brain. Now he’s using that info to build the 49ers.


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