Don’t expect Hawks’ top assistants to be hired away this year

Darrell Bevell speaks to reporters WednesdayIt’s that time of year again — when disenchanted fans get to hope some team hires away Tom Cable or Darrell Bevell.

Cable already has been mentioned as a candidate in San Francisco, although the Patriots’ Josh McDaniels seems to be the favorite to run that dysfunctional club.

Bevell has been mentioned as a candidate to replace the retiring Gary Kubiak in Denver. Seattle DC Kris Richard also has been mentioned in connection with the Denver and Buffalo jobs.

It would be a surprise if any of them were hired though.

This hasn’t been a banner year for Seattle offensively and Seattle’s defense took a small step back due to injuries, and other coaches are getting more buzz — e.g., McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, Anthony Lynn, Vance Joseph and Teryl Austin.

Cable hasn’t received too much interest since he came to Seattle after a mediocre stint as Oakland’s coach, but Bevell has gotten a lot of calls, reportedly interviewing with Buffalo, Washington, Oakland, Minnesota, Chicago, Arizona, Tennessee and Jacksonville over the past few years. And yet no one has hired him.

Despite what seems like ever increasing criticism of his top offensive coaches from Seattle fans, Pete Carroll has always stood firmly behind Cable and Bevell.

“They’re terrific coaches; they’ve shown that over the years,” Carroll said Tuesday. “They’ve got great numbers; they’ve got great history; they’re winners. They’ve been at the edge of what this job is all about because they’ve had the responsibility in the way we do it. They’re out there and they’re exposed and they’re held accountable.

“Also I think what really helps: We do have a really solid philosophy here, and they know what it is. They’ve been brought up in it so they can put their own spin on it, own twist on it, so it becomes their own philosophy.

“I think more than anything, they see the value of having your beliefs and knowing what’s important to you, because it’s the No. 1 thing that gets challenged when you get one of these jobs. You get challenged every way. What do you really feel is right and what are you going to do with it? How are you going to handle the situations? A really firm, solid foundation approach really gives you a chance to weather the issues as you go through them and you grow.”

Carroll has lost several coaches to promotions in recent years — Gus Bradley to Jacksonville, Dan Quinn to Atlanta, Ken Norton to Oakland as DC. Bradley didn’t work out with the Jaguars and reportedly has signed on with Lynn, Buffalo’s OC and interim coach, wherever he lands — Buffalo being the likely place. But Quinn and Norton are both in the playoffs, and Norton and Richard could be the next Carroll disciples to get top gigs.

Carroll talked about Richard’s qualities: “I think Kris is a remarkable coach. I’ve been with him since he was a player, so I’ve watched him really truly grow up as a coach. He was a (grad assistant) for us at USC, then was hired on here. He’s an extraordinary coach because he relates so well, he’s so smart, he’s a brilliant guy. He handles schemes and adjustments and situations and players and things in extraordinary fashion.

“He has a very strong philosophy, very clear about what he wants to do and how he wants it to go. He’s got a real toughness about him that makes him unique. He’s not just going to tap guys on the back and hope they do well; he’s going to direct them, motivate them, relate to them. I think he’s an amazing candidate for when the time comes, and I don’t think it’s too far off.”

Carroll takes pride in helping his assistants move up in the NFL.

“When guys come to this program and we first talk about coming, I’ll tell them I’ll do everything I can to help them get wherever they want to go and do whatever they want to do with their careers. I mean that,” he said. “When the opportunity comes up and our guys are getting some looks and stuff, I’m the first one cheerleading for them and working with them, in every way that I can. Whether it’s getting ready for interviews, getting ready for staff stuff, whatever they want.

“I’m not trying to tell them what to do. I’m just available to help them because I want them to do well. Part of that is the messaging for the next guys that come in. I want the next guys that come in to know that if you come here, you’ll get supported and you’re going to have a chance to do whatever you dreamed of doing in your career. I’m going to bust my tail to help them do that.”

Fans frustrated with the inconsistency of Seattle’s offense keep crossing their fingers that Cable and Bevell will be hired elsewhere. But it seems unlikely this year, after Cable and Bevell presided over the worst Seattle offense since Russell Wilson arrived.

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