Expect new deals for Carroll, Schneider before camp

Draft -- Schneider and CarrollNot a big surprise: The Seahawks reportedly have begun contract negotiations with Pete Carroll and John Schneider, who both are in the final year of their deals.

There has been a lot of speculation that both could be interested in leaving the Seahawks for their old stomping grounds — Carroll back to Los Angeles to coach the Rams and Schneider back to Green Bay to run the Packers.

But, they have set up the Seahawks to remain strong Super Bowl contenders for at least two or three more years, so leaving now would make no sense.

Money is no object: Paul Allen is the richest owner in the NFL and already reportedly is paying Carroll nearly top dollar at around $9 million a year (behind only Bill Belichick and Sean Payton).

The top general manager makes $3.75 million, according to John Clayton, so Schneider’s deal likely will pay around $4 million.

Schneider reportedly has an out in his contract to return to Green Bay if/when Ted Thompson retires. Thompson, 63, is signed through 2018, and Packers president Mark Murphy said he has a succession plan in mind. Does it involve Schneider?

As for Carroll, many have speculated he would be interested in returning to L.A. to coach the Rams if Jeff Fisher is not retained after next season.

Last fall, rumors circulated about Carroll possibly returning to USC in the wake of Steve Sarkisian’s dismissal, and Carroll said, “That’s not happening. We’re in good shape here.”

Before the Seahawks played the Vikings in January, Carroll told KIRO Radio, “I’ve never had more fun.”

He has always said his goal is “to do it better than it’s ever been done,” and he has a team that is capable of that. Why would he leave to rebuild another?

At his season-ending presser, Carroll said, “We know that there’s a lot of future and there’s a big upside for us. We have leadership and big-time players and leadership from the quarterback position, which is so hard to find. The connection of what these guys are like on defense really gives us a hope as we go into this offseason that we’re going to do something really special in the future.”

That doesn’t sound like someone who is planning to leave any time soon.

Expect Carroll and Schneider to sign short extensions again before training camp starts in two weeks — and to continue to push this team toward more Super Bowl titles over the next three seasons.


2 thoughts on “Expect new deals for Carroll, Schneider before camp”

  1. It must be a Seattle thing to worry incessantly. Sometimes it’s for valid reasons, others times, it’s about Pete Carroll leaving to coach the Rams. As a lifetime Seattle sports fan, I am worried about Schneider though…haha. And who DOES replace Carroll when he calls it quits? I hope whomever it is gets some time working under PC for a couple years before taking over…


  2. Short extensions sounds right.

    Pete Carroll will be 64 in September. He’s not about to leave a team that he has built into a perennial contender for a reconstruction project in Los Angeles.

    As for Schneider, there’s not much that anyone can do about it if it’s really his dream to run the Packers someday.


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