Undeserved Pro Bowl spot should spell end of Kam in Seattle

Kam Chancellor during the fourth quarter against Denver (Getty)It will be a stunner if Kam Chancellor is with the Seahawks next year — his undeserved Pro Bowl spot almost surely sealed his exit from Seattle.

He obviously will use his fourth Pro Bowl election to try to bolster his argument that he should be paid more. Remember, he missed the first two games this season while trying to get a better contract, which is set to pay him $5.1 million in 2016 and $6.8 million in 2017. He quite obviously will try to do it again — and use his “reputation” Pro Bowl vote as proof.

General manager John Schneider already should be planning to trade Chancellor, but this will be the nail in that coffin.

The bogus Pro Bowl vote might actually help Schneider get something decent in return for Chancellor. But the Seahawks don’t have to take any offer. They are in total control. If they get no good offers and Chancellor pouts again — and you know he will — the Seahawks can just stash him on the “Naughty” list and move on.

Special-teams standout Kelcie McCray started for Chancellor last week and played well, and the Seahawks certainly could build further replacements for Chancellor — a guy they drafted in the fifth round and built into the player he is. Chancellor would be nothing for most other teams.

Think Fredd Young — the Pro Bowl special-teams player who became known as a big-play linebacker for Seattle. He was a playmaker only because he freelanced, which left holes in the defense. Chuck Knox and Tom Catlin finally got tired of him and traded him to Indianapolis, which gave up two first-round picks and then soon found out he couldn’t play their style.

Chancellor will end up in the same situation — unless Oakland, Atlanta or Jacksonville trades for him. Those teams all run Pete Carroll defenses, and Ken Norton, Dan Quinn and Gus Bradley all know how best to use Chancellor. If Schneider can get one of those teams to surrender a second-round pick — or, better yet, create a bidding war that nets a No. 1 — that would be a win for Seattle.

In the meantime, as Chancellor sits out with an injury, the Seahawks are getting a good idea of what McCray can do and how they need to address the position in the offseason.

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