Report: Hawks offer small concession to Kam

Chancellor, Carroll and SchneiderThe Seahawks reportedly have offered partial guarantees to Kam Chancellor in 2016 and are willing to waive 70 percent of the fines he has accrued while sitting out.

The Hawks also are not even considering trading Chancellor at this point, as they believe he might return after the opener in St. Louis, Davis Hsu of Field Gulls tweeted Tuesday night.

Chancellor has three years left on the five-year, $29 million deal he signed in 2013, and he is unhappy that his 2014 pay will be $4.55 million — even though it is guaranteed and he already has made $12.5 million the past two seasons.

He reportedly wants the Seahawks to pay it forward — turning most of his $4.55 million for this year and $5.1 million for 2016 into a signing bonus.

The Hawks are willing to guarantee some of that $5.1 million, Hsu tweeted.

The team can fine Chancellor $30,000 per missed day in the preseason and reclaim $250,000 of his signing bonus, but the Hawks apparently are willing to forgive most of that — though not all, “as a matter of principle,” Hsu tweeted.

Each game Chancellor missed would cost him about $268,000 — 1/17 of his salary.

Here are Hsu’s relevant tweets from Tuesday night:

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