Schneider doesn’t sound interested in adjusting Chancellor’s deal

Chancellor, Carroll and SchneiderNot a big surprise: Seahawks GM John Schneider told SiriusXM NFL that the Seahawks do not plan to adjust holdout safety Kam Chancellor’s contract.

Schneider said it’s tough because of the personal feelings he and the franchise have for Chancellor, but the Hawks “have to continue to conduct business the way we always have.”

“We all love Kam. He’s a phenomenal football player, obviously a key core player in what we’re doing here defensively,” Schneider said. “We all miss him. It’s a bummer for everybody involved in the situation.

“It’s personal because you love a guy so much and you have so much emotional and personal feelings for the player. At the end of the day, you have to stick to your plan and your principle. That’s what has to guide you rather than (personal feelings).

“It’s about the team. It’s the ultimate team sport,” Schneider continued. “In order for us to be a consistent championship-caliber team that we’ve been preaching ever since we got here, we have to continue to conduct business the way we always have.”

Schneider said there is no “animosity” between the team and Chancellor, and he said he has talked with the safety and his agent. He also said he does not know whether the player will report.

Chancellor is entering the second year of a four-year, $28 million contract and is set to make $4.55 million. His average ranks him eighth among safeties in the NFL, and he apparently wants to climb back toward the top of that pay scale.

Former agent Joel Corry told that Chancellor is using an apples-to-oranges comparison because he is still very highly paid for a strong safety and free safeties (such as teammate Earl Thomas) typically are paid more.

Corry also said Chancellor has fallen into the trap of judging his deal as a one-year contract. “… Players seem to get amnesia and only focus on their salary at that particular year, as opposed to looking at the deal in its totality.”

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