Bennett does not want out of Seattle

That should put an end to it. Michael Bennett made it clear Thursday that he does not want to be traded.

In an interview with KING-5 TV’s “New Day Northwest,” Bennett admitted what we already knew: He wants a pay raise.

“I’m just like any other American. I think everybody wants to be paid a little bit more, so I don’t think I fall short of that,” he said.

And then — for the second time in a month — he shot down a trade report.

“When you ask for a little more money, they assume that you want to be traded or something like that,” he said. “But that’s not what I’m trying to go for.”

Asked directly if he wanted to be traded, he said, “No.”

So, as we suspected, the reports of him wanting out almost surely are coming from his agent, Drew Rosenhaus — who probably is doing whatever he can to shake the Seahawks into giving Bennett more money. And, as we said, they aren’t going to do it — at least not this year.


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